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Published 05/03/2020
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There, I said it!

Man it’s hard to get dressed these days. Such a pessimist, right? But seriously, even if you would be inspired to wear something great, the rain one second sun the other second-weather would just laugh your cute outfit in the face. So rude. But then again, the most arrogant thing ever is the weather. Does not care even a tiny bit about your hopes and plans. Literary piss on your plans.

Anyways. I was taught once that you should not get stressed or mad about the things you cannot control. That lesson did not land well and now I only try to teach it to others who get more stressed and mad than I do. Oh well.

Something the weather cannot force you to leave at home are sunglasses, hats and bags. Lucky you. Let’s look at what we love right now on the accessory department.


Jumper, Loewe
Ski pants, Peak Performance
Bag, Prada
Hat, Emma Brewin

There are three subcategories to this category.

Faux fur hats.

Ok chill down there on the other side of the screen. The fur is obviously not real.
Fake fur hats was all over our feed this fashion month and no wonder. They might be the most cosy thing we’ve ever had on our head. Try it, you won’t be sorry. Also, you’ll look 50% crazy and 50% cool which is just the perfect equation.


I know, HELLO BINGO LADY. I actually sat next to a woman at Café de Flore (namedropping like it was my job) the other day. She was American and just the loudest lady ever. I couldn’t stand her. And she was wearing her visor inside and it was pouring down outside. So obviously she wasn’t wearing it for the function. Which is about the only thing I could find to respect about her there and then (she was very rude to the waiter). But I was like you know that good accessorizing is not about weather it’s about you wearing what you wanna wear and I like that, rude American lady.

Visor, Prada




Emma Brewin

Emma Brewin



And let’s just say it’s not for everyone. This headpiece is not easy to get taken serious in. I’ve tried it many times. However I do feel like it’s easier to pull it off together with very cool sunglasses. It needs some help up up its game.

Ski jumper, J.Lindeberg
Ski pants, Colmar
Poles, Kang
Sunglasses, Persol
Balaclava, Arket

& Bags

Mini bags are still very much a thing

But I feel like we are getting away from those ridiculous small bags. I mean, they couldn’t fit a phone? That is like basics.

Compared to the mini mini bags these are pretty much average size. They have one thing on common though, they can both be worn over the shoulder or around your waist which is good for spring skiing. Or spring shopping. Or spring wine drinking. Or whatever you do in springtime and need both of your hands to manage.

Bag, ATP Atelier.

Jacket, Moncler
Bag, Prada

Ski set, Peak Performance
Bag, ATP Atelier



ATP Atelier

The Row

& Sunglasses

When picking sunglasses for this spring think of the 70s and the 80s. Go small and sporty like all the men in the sport commercials in 1986, but keep away from the 90s small or go for the really big frames with pale glass and full on 1973.

Helmet, POC
Ski glasses, Chimi

Sunglasses, Acne Studios
Skis & boots, Head


Acne Studios






Published 05/03/2020

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