Dressing Like our Starsigns

Published 10/04/2020
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It doesn’t really matter whether you believe in astrology or not, all of us has once (ore one hundred times) read our horoscopes. Some believe in it and some simply does not. I’m one of those in-between believers, and have just started learning more about it. But my friend, Moa, is a firm believer. Therefore, I asked her the really important question… how does each starsign dress? I got some descriptions from her and collected the coolest people to impersonate accordingly. This is Dressing Like our Starsigns Hobnob Edition.


According to Moa I’m a cusp: a mix between different starsigns. In my case it’s a mix between Aries and Taurus. I always only read the Aries horoscopes and felt a little torn. But after she explained this it all made more sense. I think. Therefore I simply can’t choose one outfit that describes the style of a cusp. Here I present to you a mix between an Aries (bossy, curious, energetic and adventurous) and Taurus (earthy, trendy and quality-focused).

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Next up is: Leo interpreted by our lovely Fanny Ekstrand

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“I am not really that into starsigns, sometimes I read about mine but mostly I don’t. I do like it when people depend on their signs to be signs though. I understand how it can both comfort and give answers.

I was super amused by this task though and with my leading words, center of attention, charecteristic and charming I feel like I really nailed it. With the vintage trench as a cherry on top, Leo yellow and all. I did think about wearing a suit at first though, but I felt like that was too obvious. Going full pastel in early April was center of attention enough. Let’s just say I stood out among all black wool coats and puffers.”

Indecisive, harmonizing and charismatic – yes it’s time for Carin McCormac and all the Libras out there

Our dear Libra, always in doubt. When it comes to clothes I really think this is a strength. Not being able to choose what to wear will make your outfits playful and one of a kind. Heels or sweatpants? Casual or a preppy? Why not both?

I always envy my Libra friends’ imagination and ways to mix and match their wardrobe. Carin, as you can see, is the prime example of combining styles – always inspiring me.

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“I’m in love with girls who like to party
Drink Bacardi straight and talk about star signs”

It’s Scorpio time, aka Nadia Kandil time

“I’d like to think my style is as elevated as to call it edgy, passionate and/or sensual. The truth is though I’m lazy and that’s the bottom line whenever I get dressed! As for the wish of being all of the aforementioned superlatives I’m thinking I’ll get away if I strictly dress in black. Black is edgy, passionate and sensual. Am I right? 

I’ll mix a super classy wool coat with a track suit and sexy/sensual stilettos – that will make me edgy. Or is that just basic?

Squareneck anything can’t go wrong in the days of Bottega Veneta ruling the world. I can’t go wrong if I just wear that and do something more or less creative with my footwear right? 

Am I Scorpio enough?”

Oh yes, Nadia. You’re the Scorpio in its purest form, turning heads when you walk the streets. I might have been stalking Nadia on Instagram (you should too), and Scorpio is her middle name.

Last but absolutely not least: Capricorn, Linn Eklund style

In my opinion, Capricorns are one of the most underrated signs of all time. They have a supersmart sense of humor, creates goals that they fight for until they’re where they want to be and also, Capricorns climb social ladders for breakfast.

The leading words I sent to Linn was: independent, classic and passionated. She totally nailed it, bringing us something classy but with a touch of that extra.

14/10 points imo

Published 10/04/2020

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