Dresses And Pants – a never-ending love story

Published 29/10/2020
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By now you know that all of us at Hobnob love to play around with our wardrobes. More is more less is a bore, no? Today when I got dressed I had a strong feeling that I had to start wearing my summer dresses again. They can’t just hang there and wait for summer to make a u-turn (like 6 months from now). So I took an hour (really it was two) to combine some of my favorite dresses together with some of my absolute best pants. Et voila, here we are!

In theory this is an easy task. In reality though, not as much. Why you might wonder?

Have you ever had a hard time wearing dresses over pants because of the fear of looking like you just couldn’t decide between the two of them that morning so you just wore it all? Well, that is how I have been feeling most of the time. It’s not necessarily bad, it’s just a lot.

But, it all changed when I saw the Khaite show for SS20, with the checked dress styled with oversized jeans underneath. It blew my mind!


And since getting dressed is as much of a mindset as it is an acutal physical act, I decided to give it a go when fall arrived. I wouldn’t stretch to say it made me long for fall, but I have been picturing all my cool pants together will my even cooler dresses all summer.

And finally, we are here. It’s fall.

And it’s time for all my favorite summer dresses to meet my pants.

Maybe this excuses all the good dress investments I’ve done this year. No? At least I tried. Lean back and keep scrolling – I am all about to serve you five dishes with dresses seasoned with pants.

As an appetizer I am serving you the party dress

And here’s an insider tip: go for oversized jeans.

Who doesn’t want to wear their best party dress to work? Ofc it’s important not to feel over dressed. But if work is your livingroom or kitchen due to ms Rona then you can wear whatever you want. Exchange casual Friday for ballgown Friday for all I care. If you don’t however, the way to make a party dress less party is oversized jeans. I love the feeling of being casual but still dressed-up. The best combination if you ask me.

Dress, Stella McCartney
Jeans, Weekday
Shoes, Old Céline

The classy one

I love classy pieces. Well, who doesn’t? I have an obsession to style them in a quirky way though or I feel too much like I am on my way to our annual and very traditional family Christmas dinner. It’s nice though, don’t get me wrong, but maybe not on a Wednesday in the end of October.

I like how this classy dress look turns out with jeans underneath. This is my aunt’s amazing Chanel dress that my mom has borrowed from her. Obviously I stole from her. Hehe. Me, my mom, my aunt and my grandmother are sharing closets. Very sustainable and very fun.

Dress, Chanel
Jeans, Toteme
Loafers, Prada

Feet up for the mini dress

There’s nothing a great shirt can’t do

I’d say amen to that

I think three key pieces you just have to have in your basic wardrobe are three perfect oversized shirts. One white, one blue, and one striped (preferably black and white).

Because there is nothing a great shirt can’t do.

Like dressing down a really great mini dress. In a really good way. This is my go-to-party-dress for, literally, the two club nights I have a year. Haha. Love this Ganni dress SO much. I have tried to sell it so many times but I can’t separate myself from it.

Dress, Ganni
Shirt, Marimekko
Pants, Second Hand
Shoes, Balenciaga

summer dress
a new skirt?

Dress + sweater = well, hi new skirt

This is not a new trick exactly, but a very good one that must not be forgotten. Even the most summerish dress can be transformed. Yes, you are more than welcome to head down to the basement to find some more summer favorites to transform.

Knitted top, Jil Sander via Nathalie Schuterman
Pants & shoes, Prada

Back to great jeans

As I told you in the beginning, I fell in love again with this combination after watching the Khaite show where they styled this IT-dress with oversized jens underneath. I had to try it with a bit more tapered jeans too though. Love it just as much.

Find my favorite jeans atm here.

Dress, Khaite
Jeans, Weekday
Shoes, Balenciaga

Heavy knit or a dress, you choose.

With a great
pair of pants as
you can’t tell.

I use this dress as both a dress but also as a sweater. A couple of weeks ago I wore it with bare legs (RIP) but it is just as good with a great pair of pants. How long I will be able to keep these white pants white will remain untold.

Dress, Old Céline
Pants, H&M
Ballerina, COS

Goodbye seasonal closets, hi all year round wardrobe.

Published 29/10/2020

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    By Sandra

    Love Linns style <3


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    By Sia

    I love this!!! Clothes are ment to be worn, no matter the season. I love layering!


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