Did Anyone Say Crochet and Knitting?

Published 05/08/2020
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Recently my Instagram feed has been flourishing with crochet and knitting creations in different colors and designs. Don’t get me wrong, I’M not complaining – my wallet is. My thought before the recent upswing of crochet and knitting was very outdated, but I promise you: if you are where I was before seeing this, upcoming stylings and creations will blow you away. Let’s gooooo!!

Hanna, showing us that basker is the sh*t
The set we all need from by.annelise

Headwear? I’d rather say yes-wear!

So the first item that caught my eye regarding this new but still timeless trend is headwear. I actually never thought I’d put a basker on again, but after seeing Hanna Stefanssons latest creation my mind changed.

We all need this color combination, thanks Ella for letting us know

Also, we all know the bucket hat has had a revival (something we’re all grateful for). This along with being one of a kind since it’s handmade is a freaking match made in heaven.

Going to the beach? Ready, set, crochet!

Image via Hanna

Image via Bella
Image via Angelica

It might not be the perfect outfit when going for a swim, but definitely a good friend when sunbathing. Bestie, even. I’ve been living in my crochetbikini this summer and will continue to do so until I’m freezing my butt off. And speaking of freezing…

Let’s talk about autumn!!

Images via by.annelise

Our latest brand-crushes over here at the Hobnob quarter is by.annelise and Hope Macaulay. And you probably understand why.
A long knitted skirt? A kaftan? Or as Linn prefers it – a waistcoat? There’s definitely options to stay warm and fashión at the same time.

Already??? You might think, I’d say it’s not soon enough. Sure, the sun is still gracing us with its presence (remember that SPF) – but out of nowhere autumn will come upon us and you’ll regret not being prepared.
No worries though, we got your back!!

Images via Hope Macaulay

SO, in conclusion knitting and crochet is the new thing we’re obsessed with and not outdated. Like, at all.

Published 05/08/2020

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