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Published 14/08/2020
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Michelle Abisatou Jeng (also known as Aby) works with real estate and apart from that she does modelling and likes taking snaps of her outfits. She enjoys korean food, watching melancholic movies and writing poems that she never publish.

There are no positive things about the world experiencing a global health crisis which in different ways has turned into one of the greatest challenges of our time. These sad, and in many ways strange, times has however made me a lot more grateful and appreciative of both the small and the truly important things in life. 


As the pandemic we are facing today began to impact our lives, many (including me) with the privilege of being able to work from home, started to do so.

In the beginning, I thought I would be working in my pyjamas from nine to five or be wearing the same athletic wear for a whole week. But just a few days in, I realized how satisfying and fun it is to dress up for no one but yourself.

Also, coming from a corporate environment, where the boldness factor of my outfits often are 2 out of 10 during weekdays, working from home means I have major potential for a boldness upgrade e v e r y d a y.

Find the coat here and the blazer here.

Ok, so I’m a sucker for suits and sets.. so the fact that I am on my vacation will not stop me from wearing a good suit when I see one. This one is from Marimekko.


Speaking of being more appreciative, these strange times have made me appreciate my creative side more. I have been doing everything from making my own pesto and kimchi to writing poems and drawing. Recently, I’ve also found joy in remaking old clothes. I mean I have never seen myself as a typical creative, but these times have truly made me believe that creativity can be found everywhere, in everything and in everyone.

This Tuesday, an old pair of jeans and a pair of scissors made my day.

Blouse: Anine Bing (available in black here)
Jeans: result of curiosity


I will not be able to put into words how happy (like truly HAPPY) I was when I found this set. So, I’m not even gonna try.

Suit: Thrifted


These pants are from Rodebjer, I just love everything about them, the color, the fit and the material. And btw, isn’t this whole outfit just matching our tiled stove perfectly? I just felt some kind of urge to take a photo right here.

Pants: Rodebjer (now on sale)
Top: NA-KD
Shoes: H&M


And nowhere to go.

So I figured why not dress up. Well actually, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t like a Friday evening at home. Some of my best Friday evenings are actually the ones I spend at home with my bf cooking, dancing to all sorts of music and watching a documentary.

I featured this dress on my instagram a while ago when I was wearing it with heels. But just recently, I realized how well it goes with sneakers as well. (If you look closely the laces and the dress are like a match made in heaven).

Dress: ARKET
Sneakers: Reebok
Heels: Vintage


On weekends I like eating korean food, watching melancholic movies and writing poems that I never publish. Also, a bunch of flowers always makes me happy.

Dress: NA-KD


Packing for some days in the Swedish archipelago.

I love going on trips and I am also so excited to start exploring (and appreciating!) places close-by.

Packing however, is a nearly impossible task for me. I mean how should I know what I want to wear after three o’clock fika the day after tomorrow? Even though I haven’t solved this issue yet I have managed to get one thing right every single time – Birkenstock.

You can never go wrong with a pair of Birkenstocks on a trip.

A part from swearing over something that I forgot, I’m sure I’ll eat a lot and drink some red wine. I might even write a poem or two. 

Trousers: Anine Bing (available in black here)
Bikini top: H&M
Pull-over: &Other Stories (old)


Published 14/08/2020

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