Dear (Autumn) Outfit Diary

by Klara Björk

Photos by Cecilia Kenth Rosenberg

Klara Björk is a freelance stylist and creative based in Stockholm. She is also mom of Ester the Frenchie. 

Autumn is officially here to stay and I must say it was more pleasant to breathe the crisp air than I remembered it to be. Maybe this season is exactly what we all need to beath again after a summer that has felt like a vacuum of feelings.

I will continue like every year to refuse to put on socks. To me, it’s like a game and if I reach November in open toe shoes I am happy. What can I say, the ten tiny friends attached to my feet need to breath.

I continue to dream of Jacquemus’s latest collection. One piece from it would make my autumn the best ever. He manage to season after season make the pieces I never knew I needed. Or my closet didn’t know it needed.

Alright, instead of dreaming I’m going to show you guys my week. Fortunately, I have many friends hanging in my closet who try their best to fill the gap my desire for Jacquemus creates.


This fall I will go on long walks together with my little rabbit, and of course, we will be twinning. Lucky me, Ester has the same taste in fashion as her mother. She likes to dress tone-in-tone and has developed a great love for nice things, especially bags.

And Fendi sweaters.

Coat, Fendi via Nathalie Schuterman store
Jeans, Zara
Shoes, Delrio London
Bag, Saint Laurent via Nathalie Schuterman store


Running between meetings I rarely have time for a solid breakfast.
This means milk to go.

“This is a perfect everyday outfit for me. I like to wear statement pieces together with my most comfortable knits. During the most busy days I wear with flats though.”

Knit, H&M
Skirt, Zara 
Shoes, Miu Miu 
Bag, Bottega

On Wednesday’s I Eat Dumplings

Dumplings were actually the only thing I ate when I was young. It was probably a combination of the great taste and the gifts I always got from the restaurant staff. Here I am wearing my go-to coat from Saks Potts. Can’t wait for that day when I can buy one in every color…. It’s the perfect coat if you ask me.

Get it here.


I try to keep up with my reading before Keeping up with the Kardashian’s starts again and takes over my life. 

The day of the premiere episode I’ll of course wear my shoes from Yeezy. I rather wear them on a day at home laying on the couch, than out clubbing with friends. Yes, Kanye may call himself God of everything (bahh) but he cannot take credit for making comfortable shoes. Sorry!

Jeans and blouse, Zara
Shoes, Yeezy



Bonjour le weekend

Celebrating Friday in one of the biggest trends this autumn:

Zebra print. 

And why not celebrate some extra with a big ice cream to share with your bag friend???

I am also wearing a bracelet that my mum made for me made out of plastic animals. It’s just like sprinkles!

Blazer, & Other Stories
Dress, Zara 
Bag, Loewe
Earrings, H&M


Sometimes fashion is both stylish and practical.

Yes I promise you, it’s true.

These boots are perfect for Swedish autumn. That is the ultimate proof of my statement above.

No matter how much I like them, I can’t stop thinking about how much Carrie would’ve loathed them. I just can’t get my head around her hatred of nature and how out of fashion it would be today.

Carrie’s opinion is irrelevant however and so I will wear these wellies together with long skirts and leggings. Also, I would like to talk about my new yellow velvet chairs. They remind me of summer, new york taxis, and my future imaginary home in Italy. 

Wearing my two latest purchases, both from Zara.


Making up for Saturday night’s adventures with a healthy-looking green outfit. I think this green leather skirt is one of my most used pieces ever. The khaki green color goes with almost everything in my opinion.

Jacket, Dries Van Noten / Nathalie Schuterman store
Skirt, Zara 
Bag, Marni  / Nathalie Schuterman store

Thank you for keeping up with me all the way down here! See you very soon again.

xx Klara.

Published 06/10/2020

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