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Published 27/04/2020
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Lately it’s been a lot (if not only) Covid-19 talk in Cyber. It’s definitely important and it will be interesting to see how the world will adjust post Covid-times. The fashion industry has certainly started a necessary discussion. But that’s for another time. Now on the menu: What cyber is serving us


The Stockholm-based eyewear world of CHIMI expands and takes place at ‘The Labyrinth’, designed by Xavier Corberó in Barcelona. With creatives like Jacob Mühlrad, Hanna MW and Rami Hanna this universe is where we wanna live at all times. Mülrad wrote the music exclusively for The Chimi Symphony, making all of us filled with goosebumps.

These limited edition glasses will be available online and in store later this spring, I know we all want them now… But good things happen to those who wait, right? For the full campaign click HERE.

Emma Fridsell
Your next Instagram Follow

If ever in doubt of how to color match you can always trust Emma to lead the way. Silhouettes to die for, patterns that inspires us and layering game at top. Best of all worlds – am I right or am I right??


The Spring Trends Fashion Challenge with Kilo Kish

When not being able to be inspired outside, NET-A-PORTER got our back. Giving us different fashion challenges with people who are cool AF. My personal favorite is the Fashion Challenge with Kilo Kish, welp I guess I just need to become a badass singer now and embody these outfits asap… wish me luck!!

Published 27/04/2020

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