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Published 05/05/2020
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Yet another week with time on our hands. But don’t you worry. Cyber is here to keep us busy.


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Images via HollywoodNetflix

What if you could rewrite history? Unfortunately, none of us can (in the real world at least). But that doesn’t stop Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. Their new series for Netflix creates a ‘what if’ parallell universe questioning how the outcome would look like if enough people stood up to racism, homophobia and sexism in the movie industry in the 1940’s. If it’s an idealized version? It might be. What’s for sure though is that they bring us an alternate road, exploring a world with actions to include. And that is something I’m here for.

Image via Jacquemus


Not only does Jacquemus make me want to spend all my money, but now also go back to studies again. Oh well…….

Interested in studying fashion with Simon Jacquemus?

Well, I was very intrigued when discovering that Institut Français de la Mode is offering free online courses for anyone to take part of. The one that caught my eye was the ‘Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture’. As icing on the cake the course is including inputs from Simon Jacquemus, Christelle Kocher, Paul Smith, as well as CEOs at Chanel, Hermés and YSL.

The four-week course is broken into 4 main topics:
– Fashion and Modernity
– Fashion and Society
– Fashion as a Language
– Fashion and Consumption

GOYA Gallery

Part from serving us virtual escapes, the Goya team brings us the chance to find an item like no other, opening up their archives. As you probably already know, the Hobnob team are obsessed with this Copenhagen based fashion house. It’s right up our ally, and if it’s yours too – set the alarm May 6th, roll up your sleeves and be ready for treasure hunting!!

Images via Stine Goya

“We have been looking into opening an archive for a while – it’s exciting to be able to offer both local and international customers an opportunity to score an unique item. We want to encourage investing in our history and your future.”
Stine Goya Hertz expresses herself.

Published 05/05/2020

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