Cyber Bae of the Week: Rebecca Ejdemo

Published 16/03/2023
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Rebecca Ejdemo is better known as Ros for her audience, although her friends just call her Rebecca. She lives in Stockholm with her boyfriend and cats Gosen and Nosen (not even gonna try to translate that for you) and of course her well-proportioned collection of vintage clothes. When she’s not in the studio working on her second record you’ll find her in a restaurant, either at a table ordering everything on the menu or working in the kitchen. Before getting signed as a recording artist she used to cook at some of Stockholm’s most well-known restaurants, now it’s more of a good-tasting side hustle. Food and music could sum up her life pretty well if it wasn’t for her love for clothes. Rebecca describes her style as “100% me” she does not hate to stand out and wear looks outside the mainstream box.

Age: 28
Lives in: Stockholm
Social media: @little.ros for music and fashion, and @pasta.ros for food. There’s something for everyone.

Describe your style

I would say it’s a 100% me. I love to stand out and wear clothes or things that wouldn’t normally be matched. For example; torn tights or a pile of electrical cables. Love to find the beautiful in the ugly and to be creative. I’m working a lot with a designer called Elin Meijer who has a very nice vision of making fashion out of “junk” and leftover products that no one else wants. I think my style is based on being 100% confident in what I wear, while at the same time I get to challenge my creative side. I’ve loved fashion and playing with styles all my life.

Your go-to-outfit

Actually, I don’t really have one. It depends entirely on the occasion! If I’m going out to dinner, it’s cocky leather boots with a long skirt or jeans and some kind of leather jacket. If I’m going to work, it’s jeans and Adidas.

A garment you’ll never get rid of?

I bought a vintage set from Chanel about 4 years ago for a wedding. It’s a skirt and a blazer. I wear it incredibly rarely but I have a lifelong dream of building an incredible vintage wardrobe and that suit started that whole journey.

What is your dream purchase at the moment?

Honestly, there’s so much. But the checkered Vivianne Westwood handbag is high on the list. As well as a J’adore Dior World champion 1947 top.

”I love to find the beautiful in the ugly and to be creative.”

Your top three at the moment

  1. Make up – I’ve absolutely got the hang of it. I think it’s so fun to play with it and that it can add such strong expressions to a look.
  2. Pottery – A new form of creation I’ve come to love lately. It’s so fun to discover my style in different types of art.
  3. Chess – What can I say? It has taken over my life.


We have to ask since you are a chef, what is your parade dish?

Pasta! Pasta with anything any time. If I have to give an example, pasta with black cabbage and pistachio pesto. It’s a win every time.

Your best food memory?

When me and parents went to Fäviken about 10 years ago. It was an incredible dinner. It was there and then that I knew I wanted to work with food.

The soundtrack of your life?
Weak spots by Johnossi

How do you prefer a day off?

Preferably from morning to night on the couch to be honest. Cook a good lunch, play chess, listen to a true crime pod, drink a liter of tea, and cuddle with my cats. Then a good dinner and a bottle of wine.

five quick Qs

Cookies / Donuts
Night out / Stay in
Sweet / Savoury
Have a concert / See a concert
Pizza / Pasta
Published 16/03/2023

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