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Published 04/08/2020
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Also a question you might never thought you’d think about the answer to: What face mask personality are you?

With the population slowly getting used to a world in pandemic sans lockdowns, the face mask has become the most talked-about (and necessary for real) accessory. The medical version, the nonmedical variations and everything in between. Keeping the virus from spreading has actually proven to be able to look good. We love the brands that has adjusted to these troubling weird times by launching masks and even entire outfits that goes with the masks (or is it the other way around??).

Stay safe, look cool. Here are our favorite nonmedical masks for every personality.

The high waisted denim and t-shirt gal

…will totally love these rib face masks from cult L.A store Lisa Say’s Gah. Also, they come with a matching scrunchie because why the hell not??

For the hobby stylist

The more details the better, right?? Cute patterns, bows and everything that gives that little extra detail that make the outfit not good but perfect. These tie masks are both cute and practical.

If you think designers do it better…

In a situation like this, as long as it makes you feel better it’s all good. All problems that has a Fendi solution shall get a Fendi solution. Or why not a Proenza solution?

Or never consider big big enough?

If you like making a statement with everything you do, the Collina Strada face masks extra everything is definitely something for you. Imagine these with a sharp pastel suit, or why not a big puff sleeve blouse? You will not only stop the virus from spreading, but stopping traffic as well (can one joke like that??).

Published 04/08/2020

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