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Published 24/11/2020
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A unique mug for mom, a crocked chandelier for your little sister, a abstract sculpture for… dad?

Here we are again, in the middle of one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year. To say the least, Black Friday (or Black Week as it has become) is truly problematic. Now more than ever in a burning pandemic. Recession catching on to us like bad weather and more than one industry is relying on us to shop, in order for them to be able to ride this through. Us, the shoppers, have great power here. We must take stands with our wallets and help those who need us the most. And I am not talking about the big brands with giant holding companies in their backs, but the small businesses. The real creative ones.

I read somewhere that one order to make a difference one should consider only buy gifts from companies that burst into a WOHO at every sale this holiday season and I could not agree more. That will be my only resolution this year.

This upcoming month Hobnob Journal will be doing a series of Christmas Wish Lists within different categories, with independent businesses to shop right now. First out will be something at the top of my list this year: ceramicists.

Paula Atelier

I never knew I needed hand painted ceramic wine coolers and champagne coupes. Paula, a contemporary Gothenburg-based artisan makes everything clay look oh-so-cool and effortless.

Send Paula a DM for requests here.

Saskia Court

Here comes crazy cool walking in!! Saskia Court’s ceramic procreations work just as much as stand-alone sculptors as vases and chandeliers.

Shop Saskia Court’s work or slide into her DM here.


Handmade cups, vases, or basically anything made out of clay and signed by Bettunika är Betina Jørgensen is like music to my ears. The cloud cup with the striped plate is my favorite.

No wonder these unique handmade pieces are all the chic Copenhagen girl’s favorite.

Shop Bettunika via her Instagram.

Ami Like Miami

Ami of Ami Like Miami makes the coolest dishes for sandwiches, apples, jewelry, and so on. The chess ones would look pretty good in a hallway for keys and receipt if you ask me.

Shop Ami Like Miami here.

Sofi Gunnstedt

Image courtesy of The Ode To
Image courtesy of The Ode To

Art student Sofi Gunnstedt’s vases create conversations. I even know people who can not do that.

Shop Sofi’s vases here.


Fanny Schultz, more famous under her Instagram name Schulverket creates the most gorgeous sculptures of female torsos in ceramic and plates in stoneware among much else. A multi-creator to say the least.

Shop her work here.


Cute well-upholstered cups in pastel colors and rickety vases and bowls by Sandra.Li would make anyone happy this Christmas I am sure.

Send Sandra.Li a DM to order.


All gvgceramics are handmade and made to order by Karolina Bumbak in her studio in Croatia. Her mugs in the colors speckled, moka and caramel would for sure make my mornings 2021 more cute.

Shop gvgceramics here.

Published 24/11/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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  1. SA
    By Susanne Ahlberg

    Sååå glad jag blir över det du skriver om att supporta lokala butiker och hantverkare! Att man som konsument kan göra ett medvetet val och i synnerhet nu under pandemin. Grymt bra!!
    Har själv en butik och har blivit tårögd många gånger över alla fina kunder som uttrycker att dom tänkt efter och förstår att om dom kan göra skillnad, att vi inte finns kvar om dom inte handlar.
    I övrigt dreglar jag ständigt över Hobnob Journal och ert instakonto!! Keep up the good work!


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