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Published 22/06/2021
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When I was younger I always wondered why brands were so ahead of the season to launch swimwear. Like who actually needs a bikini in Scandinavia in March? I guessed very few. Now I know why. People need something to look forward to. A promise than sometime, hopefully soon, one needs something colorful and stretchy to cover up as little as possible, to soak in all those lovely rays of sun in (behind a very thick layer of SPF obviously) before taking a fresh dip in the ocean.

But for all of you who did not purchase your swimwear in March, here are my best see now buy now pieces for vacation.

The underwire two-piece.

Swimsuits (that can go as tops too)

Faithful the brand textured swimsuit.

As for the cherries on top…

Published 22/06/2021

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