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Excuse me, which way to the Aprés Ski?

Published 25/11/2019
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A few weeks ago, in mid November, me and Linn went to Zermatt in Schweiz to go skiing. Skiing and the mountain life has been a big part of both of our lives for as long as we can remember. However, as the years passed, our focus went from being the fastest one down the slopes to being the best at the post skiing activity Aprés Ski.

To explain it to all of you unexperienced in the subject, Aprés Ski goes a bit like this.

First you ski. This is very important. Otherwise there’ll be no Aprés since Aprés is after in French.

And post skiing, after a day on the mountain, everybody are so happy they just cant help dancing (and singing too!) in their ski boots to 80s music and drink Aperol Spritz’s big as helmets (which is the most common thing to forget at an Aprés Ski a friend told us). It’s like a party but it’s in the afternoon and when you get home at around 7 pm you go to bed (sometimes still in your ski boots, a friend told us that too) and then you wake up the next day, go skiing, and then it just starts over. Fun, no?

Bikbok knew we were pro’s at this and asked us how it all began. Not so much the Aprés but the Avant (which is before in French, yes I googled that).

So, I am no longer myself writing this, but Bikbok. Here we go!

Fanny & Linn, what are your first ski memories?

Fanny I have basically been skiing since I could walk. I went on to compete and race for 10 years before quitting when I was 18 years old. So I have been skiing a lot. Like a lot!

Linn  My story is almost the same. Linn grew up next to a ski slope but I later on switched my skis for horses when I was 12. So the first memory would be hard to recall. But last spring Fanny and I were in Åre for two weeks and had the best time ever. We were all alone on the mountain for almost two weeks and skied only wearing t-shirts because it was so warm. 

Fanny Oh and after our days on the mountain we would go in the fire warm hot tubs. Best days of the year so far.

How would you describe your style when skiing?

Fanny I’d say that’s very dependent on which season we are skiing in. Of course it’s harder to look cool when the wind goes up to 20 s/m and it’s freaking freezing. But our ski style is always quite retro. 

Linn I agree. We love the ski fashion just as much as the actual skiing. Or almost anyways. But yes, it’s very retro. Lots of cool knits and fun accessories. 

Fanny People think they need to be 100% functional to go skiing. That’s a lie. We are maybe 70% function and the rest are all about fun necklaces, scarves and sunglasses.

Where do you find inspiration for the ski season?

Fanny The retro cool movie from the late 70s by Lasse Åberg, Snow Roller are always a big inspiration to us. 

Linn And of course all the alp chic photos by Slim Aarons. Mixed up with very updated today ski gear I’d say.

Your favourite item from the Bikbok Aprés Ski Collection?

Linn The long white puffer jacket and the Off Pist long sleeve shirt. 

Fanny For me it’s the white overall! It’s so cool and chic. And also the Off Pist sweater too.

How are your styling the collection for the mountain?

Fanny With a vintage feel to it. When it comes to putting together a ski appropriate look that we can bring to an after ski happening we get inspired by the 80s. Bright colors, bold silhouettes and lots of accessories. 

Linn Absolutely! Nothing is too bold. We love to mix very now pieces with vintage pieces usually, so this collection is right up our alley. Like the best combination of function and fashion. With a side of party of course. 

“People think they need to be 100% functional to go skiing. That’s a lie. We are maybe 70% function and the rest are all about fun necklaces, scarves and sunglasses”

How do you take a look from the mountain to the Aprés Ski?

Linn Like we said earlier it’s all about the accessories. Adding a scarves or a big necklace to a sporty look makes all the difference. 

Fanny And sunglasses will always make you look cool. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or not. In the city that would be a douchebag alert but not in the slopes.

What’s the hardest part about creating a ski appropriate outfit? 

Fanny So there is this balance with staying warm and still look good, right. If you try too hard getting an outfit that is on point you will end up freezing. But if you are dressing only to stay warm, the risk is you will look like you’ve given up. 

Linn Correct. So the only thing to do is work on your balance and use lots of layers. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 20 minutes to get dressed/undressed. You will be thankful. 

Fanny Well yes! And here is a pro tip from us to you: Always bring a beanie in your pocket. It will save you from bad helmet hair. 

Photo Annica Eklund
Retouch Åsa Eriksson

The Après Ski collection by Bikbok will be released in store and online December 2nd.

Published 25/11/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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