Published 01/09/2021
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(BFF* is a never-ending conversation between two best friends, Nadia Kandil & Carin Falk, who are trying to keep their lives together.Topics include outfit ideas, sex, what wine Nadia hates, anxiety attacks, dating, and shoe porn. BFF is a great substitute for Keeping up with the Kardashians tbh, now that there’s not going to be a next season.)

Nadia Kandil I feel weird.

Carin Falk Lol, when do you ever not feel weird? Is there any particular reason today??

NK DO NOT TAKE THAT TONE WITH ME?? I am emotionally fragile. I feel weird bc summer is basically over. I’ve been tipsy for two months straight and my only concerns have been what slutty outfit I should wear and whether my nap&eat schedule clashes with whatever activity I have planned for the day. I’ve forgotten how to adult, what even is the meaning of life?

CF Mmmmm, I don’t know if I ever learned how to adult in the first place. But you’re right, I feel kinda out of orbit. I’m gonna miss hot girl summer, man.Weirdly enough I think what I’m gonna miss the most is not dressing up for bois, but dressing up for you? Does that make me a complete psycho?

NK Eh nope. Or maybe we’re just both just complete psychopaths? I would say I’ve gotten dressed approximately 73% for my girlfriends this summer.And by girlfriendS I mean you and two other people.That only leaves 27% for bois. I love that I’m giving you this information in percentage lol. Considering how much skin I’ve flaunted, the split is kind of surprising when I think about it.

CF Percentage, sciency. Bring out the spreadsheets!!&%€ Okok, so we’re on the same page. But I feel like because we’ve dressed for each other, rather than bois our hot girl summer style has been slutty, but chic.And slutty-chic might be the ultimate personal style? As always, I am on to something really genius.

NK Ahahahaha. I’m crying. Slutty-chic is literally my personal style?? It’s like Totême but you know, newly single and drunk? And just like with Kim K’s full frontal bikini pic’s on Insta (since she broke up with Kanye) they are self explanatory.Tell me you’re single without telling me you’re single, basically. Wait, am I a walking meme?

CF Yeah, we might both be clichés of ourselves. I’m pretty sure of it, actually. I also feel like slutty-chic is a state of mind and I don’t want it to end. Can’t we just let it go on all fall? Pls? Is that the answer to the question ‘what happens after hot girl summer’? HOT GIRL FALL??? Omg, can we make hot girl fall happen?

NK I love you so much right now.Yes, yes, yes.

CF I’m thinking fuck-me-heels and a sensible cashmere, you know? Or a puffer with bare legs? Let’s explore this further, shall we? 

NK Let hot girl fall commence.

Published 01/09/2021

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