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Published 13/09/2019
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Can we all just appreciate how wearable this collection is! I mean, I could see myself on vacation in so many looks. Sometimes that is pretty much all I need. No fuzz.

Or what I really need is that hat, actually.

Ryan Roche

I love the minimalistic collections from New York this season. Now the true post Pheobe Philo era is in full bloom. Everyone is trying to take the crow of the queen of unexpected minimalism, it’s like watching an episode of Game of Thrones but instead of blood and war it’s long sweeping trenchcoats and sharp tailoring, lol. Or did Céline just throw a shadow over these brands that I am now discovering? Either way, I am here for it.


So was this one of my favorite collections? I won’t deny it. The checks, the jeans, the leather, the tulle. It had so much that I have liked ever since I was a child. I also want to talk about the headpiece, where can I get one? Can I pull it off? Should I wear it to my wedding?

Brock Collection

Been keeping some track of up-and-coming Brock, but this collection hit me hard. The dresses. Amazing? See full collection here and put this name on your don’t miss-list.

I actually called Linn right after the show and told her I have a new fave brand for her and she agreed.



The Row usually isn’t my favorite show, due to the pretty toned down color scale and simple cuts. And this time, it wasn’t what stroke me either.

But what I did end up falling for was the 1. Croc print leather. A dear favorite of mine since forever. So chic, so cool. 2. The cut-out flower pieces. I do love me some 3D effect. 3. The shirting.

Proenza Schouler

So it was hard choosing two images to talk about the Proenza show. Every look was so strong, so cool. The full collection could be featured in a modern version of classic movie Working girl which says a lot to me. The suits, the materials, the details. You can’t joke about it, the SS20 collection is so self-evident.

Marc Jacobs

THANK GOD for something else then plain shirts and neutrals. It’s like Willy Wonkas chocolate factory exploded and it’s good. For me, this is what fashion is all about. Playfulness, colors, and structures. No gates. No mind blockers. I mean, fashion is about all the above and plain shirts and neutrals too, but this is the source of all things fun about fashion.

Also, finally a garment you can actually see Kim Kardashian Wests one legged spanx be worn under. I have been laying sleepless over this.


Wide shoulders, big suits, cargo pants, Bermudas, bleached peach and mint, tie dye were the notes I took during Tibi. I won’t disagree on anything. Would wear everything today to lunch.

Dion Lee

Dion Lee’s minimalism isn’t like everyone else’s. It’s strict, but playful. Like someone white wine sophisticated surprises you and orders a vodka shot. It’s not the most chocking act, but still gets you.

All images via Vogue Runway.

Published 13/09/2019

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