What is your beauty look for New Year’s Eve?

Published 29/12/2019
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This has been the decade of beauty. Sheet masks, nail serums and eyebrows on fleek has been the talk of every town thanks to cyberspace. What the 20s will offer in terms of beauty I won’t prophesy but I will tell you this: I am planning on ending this beauty decade with a bang.

How? Here are my thoughts.

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Glitter can never be too much

The past years has made be more brave when it comes to going that extra mile with my make-up. As teenager all I wanted with my beauty look was to look less like a teenager without hitting the drag queen area. I guess I was pretty successful but the older I got the more I realized how I am missing out on.

However, my love for sleeping in on weekdays has made me really thrifty with my routine. Not on New Year’s Eve though. Maybe glitter in my entire face is a good idea?

White Wings

The everything but black eyeliner has really made a case for itself this past year. I have tried the yellow wing, but are now ready to go lighter and whiter.

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The shimmer or nah Q has been a big one this decade. In the comment section of every beauty brand’s instagram I’ve seen girls arguing for their opinion on the matter: should the colors on the palette have shimmer or not.

I think yes.

Glossy + Bold color = True

I remember back in the late 90s early 00 when pink eyeshadow were like highlighter is today. People always thought it was a good idea. Years later promised myself never to go there. Guess what? I did.

So maybe I should finish this decade with the beauty look I’ve liked the best? A bold colored, glossy lid.

Published 29/12/2019

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