Knock Knock! Who’s There? Beaujolais Nouveau Season!

Published 17/11/2022
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Mattias Bosta is a former fine-dining chef gone bio-vegetable salesman with a true
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Today marks the start of Beaujolais Nouveau season!

“Yes finally! The third Thursday of November every year is celebrated by drinking the first wine produced that same year! It’s celebrated until the stock runs out.”

“This is not the traditional way to consume wine because we don’t wait for the wine to become “drinking ready”, instead we drink it as a celebration of the new vintage of that specific region. The taste is usually quite vibrant, young, and easy to chug. One way to call it is to call it a breakfast wine, something that doesn’t need time to open up or any special thought to enjoy. It’s just good wine!”

Where does Beaujolais Nouveau come from? 

“The Beaujolais nouveau comes as of the name from the region Beaujolais, just north of the city of Lyon and the name nouveau is French for new. So basically, Beaujolais Nouveau is a new wine from Beaujolais. And just like any wine, the origin affects everything about the wine, and depending on what terroir it’s grown in the taste will differ. With Beaujolais, you might typically find notes of limestone, ripe red fruits and berries, and smooth tannins. But what’s to remember with the Bojo Novo (slang for us who are neither French nor great at spelling) is that the wine is VERY young and might not have had the time to fully develop those notes. It’s a wine made to be enjoyed at a party to celebrate the new wine year!”

Why is Beaujolais Nouveau so regulated and hard to get? Is this like the wine version of Balenciaga x Adidas?

“This is simply because it’s not a wine that is by tradition ready to put in bottles for aging and safekeeping for future enjoyment, instead, this is very much a seasonal drink, made to be had on this occasion. Therefore the quantities are very limited.”

If I want to get a hold of a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau where should I go?

“For any Scandinavians, run to your nearest wine monopoly or the nearest curated wine shop and buy as many as you can get. They sell like butter melts away in the sunshine.”

“But if you are in Stockholm, I would recommend going to Bar Ninja in Södermalm or Savant Bar in Vasastan and order the first best glass or bottle of Bojo Novo you can get your wine-loving hands on!”

Bar Ninja, Katarina Bangata 29, Stockholm
Savant Bar, Tegnérgatan 4, Stockholm
Published 17/11/2022

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