Bare Legs in Winter – a Power Move?

Published 08/03/2023
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Braving bare legs in winter is like telling the world that you are a woman who has the privilege of backroom staff, without telling the world that you are a woman who has the privilege of backroom staff. Pernille Teisbaek was not alone in screaming this message out loud during this season’s PFW, Susie Bubble joined the club as well as a long list of other more or less powerful opinion leaders including actress Alicia Vikander and Asian-American influencer Christelle Lim.

Image courtesy Pernille Teisbaek. Bare legs for Lous Vuitton.
Susie Bubble in Louis Vuitton. Image courtesy Phil Oh, British Vouge.

The phenomenon dates back to a little more than a decade ago, when Anna Wintour  (Global Chief Content Officer and artistic director for Condé Nast since 2020; and the Global Editorial Director of Vogue) showed up at NYFW in February in bare legs and nude Manolo Blahnik slingbacks – and never stopped – hence the New Nude Look as a power dressing tool was invented. Since then, nude legs aka the new cleavage are considered empowering and liberating and imitated by celebrities and nobodies alike.

Anna Wintour front row at Chanel. Image courtesy Reuters.

Checklist for all you courageous or crazy people out there that opt for bare legs in the midst of winter. You’ll need:

☑️ A driver waiting around every corner.

☑️ Boots to hide heavy wool socks (not mandatory, but a strong recommendation).

☑️ A properly isolated torso to ”fool” your legs to feel warm.

☑️ A daily leg skincare routine; exfoliating, moisturizing, spray tanning (optional).

All images taken by Asaf Leiberfrund, also known as the Street Vibe, if nothing else is stated.

Published 08/03/2023

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