Balaclavas might be the answer this winter

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Published 24/11/2019
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“Seriously that’s what you are wearing? A balaclava? You look like the biggest kid on the playground”

My mother-in-law said a laughed. I might have bit a tiny bit embarrassed but at least I was warm. Because I was wearing a knit piece that not only kept my head warm but my neck too. The perfect hybrid of a hat and scarf.

Who will be laughing when the true winter hits? Not her, that I know.

But let’s be honest, raise your hand if you saw this trend coming. I will keep my hands down. Neither will I say that I didn’t react like my mother-in-law when I saw the balaclavas decorated with heavy jewelry walking down the runway on Gucci’s FW18 show.

It took me about a year to adapt. And I do consider myself an early adapter of weird ass clothing.

I will put out a laughter alert before writing this.

Balaclavas are so versatile!(?)

I had no idea about this until recently when Arket and The Frankie Shop launched their own version of what also could be called Fitted Hoodies. I mean, who knew ski masks could be Scandi minimalistic?

But first time I saw a ski mask be worn in a non-ski context was on Leandra Medine’s instagram. She and her husband were twinning in similar balaclavas. Not just any balaclavas of course. Her husband wore a Calvin Klein and she the St Moritz one from Kule.

My immediate reaction wasn’t oh wow that looks good (obviously it does do that too) but oh lord that looks comfortable. And that leads me to my point and the true point of my story.

The practicality that has saturated the trends of these last few seasons in fashion has made me blind. I am automatically drawn to trends and garments what will be good to (and I quote myself) bike in. Is this where my fashion interest dies? Am I going to spend next fashion week season ranking the shows I see in the order of which looks are most adjusted to ride a bike in?

God I hope not.

But fashion is a mirror of the time we are in. And I guess this is the way millennials express their scare of what the world is turning into? Not to sound like a total conspiracy theorists. But hiking boots are better than 100 mm Louboutins for exploring new grounds.



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Published 24/11/2019

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