Autumn Equals Darkness? Well No

Published 31/08/2020
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Styling & Text Klara Björk
Model Karma Lisslo/MIKAS
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Klara Björk is a freelance stylist and creative based in Stockholm. She is also mom of Ester the Frenchie.

This year will always be remembered by the Covid-19 virus, that is one thing I know for sure. The 2020s could have opted for a better start. In terms of style we started the first couple of months wearing sweats and to be honest it was nice. Until it really wasn’t. When those weeks had passed I turned to online shopping for answers. I was craving sequins, nice dresses and thought to myself, can anyone really have too many bags? I felt like a crazy person and looking back at it, I was. But one thing did not change, the world did not show any mercy, no matter how many shoes I got I had no places to wear them.

I’m very happy to welcome this fall for two reasons, number one is that it by far is my most fun clothing season. Number two is that even though we are not back to normal (whatever that is) at least I will have somewhere else than my living room to wear my best outfits. And even though the fall season equals darkness, why not shine a bit extra in colors, patterns and beautiful outwear?

Hi Vest, have you missed me???

Coat – Vintage
Dress – Ganni
Earrings – Sophie Bille Brahe / Nathalie Schuterman
Bag – Saint Laurent

My favorite piece last fall was the vest! And it looks like nothing has changed. I will kick-start fall by wearing it over a good dress and then just layer up underneath it as the season move forward. The combination sleeveless jacket (as I too like to call it) and a heavy knit is a favorite of mine.

Rainbow might
be my favorite color

Stand Studio is for sure one of my favorite brands when it comes to outerwear. I can talk about this forever, but I really love how easy it is to create a transeasonal (see what I did there) wardrobe by not limit garments to seasons. Mixing traditional summer clothes with autumn clothes (and all other seasons) is what it’s all about.

Why not combine a summer sports top together with a fur jacket?

Jacket – Stand Studio
Pants – H&M studio
Shoes – Vagabond
Sports bra – Filippa K sport

Everybody loves pink (?)

Don’t be scared to mix colors like there was no tomorrow! People will smile when they see you and I the energy a good color combination will give you is priceless. It’s actually kind of strange how people chose dark colors for dark times, I mean imagine how bright the streets would be during rush hour in October if everyone wearing black swopped black for pink or orange?

Coat and pants – Saks Potts
Bag – Chanel
Earrings – Jacquemus / Nathalie Schuterman Shoes – Vintage

Still struggling with color?

No worries. Keep scrolling.

f you not are a color person, go for big patterns instead. This look in black and white will give you exactly the same wow factor, I promise.
The boots are also a must have this season.


Jacket – Stand Studio
Pants – H20 Fagerholt
Bag – Boyy/Nathalie Schuterman

Boots – Vagabond

The Hot Dog Club

(Yes, you are more than welcome to apply)

I love the mini bag trend but I must say I’m happy to announce that the big bags are back this fall.

Finally your phone fits in your bag again, am I right?

Sweater – Uniqlo
Skirt – Nathalie Schuterman brand
Bag – Boyy Bag
Shoes – Veja

Basic, but without the basics?

I would consider this the perfect look if you want to wear colors but aren’t ready to go all in yet. This knit in a bright blue is perfect to match with a tone in tone outfit. Or why not blue jeans and a white shirt.

Jeans – Arket
Bag – Jacquemus
Blouse – Zara
Boots – Vagabond
Earrings – Glitter

Published 31/08/2020

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