Athleisure is Definitely Not Over

Published 30/04/2020
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Health is wealth, as Instagram says.

Athleisure is one of the words I will remember the 2010s by. How sporty elements slowly sneaked up and into our wardrobes and everyday lives. Remember when you thought wearing sneakers to a wide dress or a flower skirt was just madness? Well we are quite far beyond that point now.

10 years ago sporty influences was 90% regular outfit and 10% sport by just adding maybe a sneaker or a tank top. Today sporty influences means the same numbers, only 90% sport and 10% regular outfit by adding chunky thong sandals (by The Row). And of course this has escalated or should I say exploded the last past months with the at home situation we got going on in the world.

I mean why wear jeans when you can wear tights or sweats? How can one motivate that?

Not only are sweats more comfortable sweatsuits are also very handy when you want to move from the office to the gym in a comfortable pace. From the kitchen table to the bedroom floor that is.

Of course there are no right or wrong in terms of athleisure since everything about it was looked at as wrong a few years ago. Going to a restaurant in sweats, are you out of your mind??? My boyfriend used to work as a doorman when he was in his early twenties and was told to never.ever. let a person in wearing anything similar to sweatpants. Imagine that now. No-one would get in anywhere??

Athleasure brands to know


Panagia is a materials science company on a mission to save our environment as they state. Not only does Pangaia produce sustainable, wearable everyday pieces (sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies and tanks) they are also scientists and technologists searching for the next generation materials and a way to save fashion from itself.

Filippa K Soft Sport

Filippa K Soft Sport design workout wear and sportleisure wear for low intense training. That can also be eating popcorn in your couch, no? They produce without chemicals and a zero waste technique.

Sporty & Rich

Sporty & Rich, the Instagram page turned magazine turned clothing brands is worn by every fashion girl right now. Made in America Sporty & Rich, or S&R has adapted the business model of many small brands emerging on instagram, by producing low quantity and offering nisched collections with very awaited drops.

Oh and BTW, the next drop is tomorrow! Sign up here for notice.


Weekday, the Swedish H&M owned high street brand with a bit more streety-sportleisure focus than the other H&M brands has delivered good sweats for quite some time. We are long-time fans. And appreciate the trying to be sustainable effort they are making too. Almost all of Weekdays hoods, sweaters and joggers are partly sustainable with recycled cotton.

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Published 30/04/2020

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