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Published 28/04/2020
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I think I could go on for years about this subject. Or even hold seminars about it. Arket is doing so many strikes in a row rn I can’t even handle it!! Almost all of my best blazers are from Arket, not to talk about their basics.

To be more informative: ARKET’s mission is to democratise quality through widely accessible, well-made, durable products, designed to be used and loved for a long time. But I will show you what them, and I, am talking about.

Lets start with

Boxy blazers

Only Arket makes me buy a black blazer

As you just read, the blazer game is high level rn at Arket. I think I lost count of how many great blazers I’ve found there. They have the perfect boxy, straight fit. Like a vintage dad blazer, but with a slightly better fit over the shoulders.

Never ever have a thought about a black one before, as I see black its a bit to sharp to all my colorful clothes – but see what I left the store with the last time we were there.


(Shorts suit = shuits)

I think it was Fanny who invented the word shuits, and isn’t it the most convenient word? However, I like it a lot. But I think a SHUIT might be the answer to the ultimate summer office look. Or summer look in general. And I think Arket was the ones who made the first ones?? Correct me if I am wrong here, but it was at least where I first caught my eye on it.

Shorts here, and blazer is unfortunately sold out.

Vests vests vests

The ugliest thing in the entire world, according to my boyfriend.

Guess who’s wearing a hell lot of vests?

Yes, that’s right. 50% bc I love to annoy him (hehe) and 50% because I think its one of the best pieces of clothing ever. Why?

1. It doesn’t tuck in the arms under a blazer (hate that!!!), but it gives the same warmth as a sweater.

2. Its cool with just a t-shirt. 

3. And perfect when skiing too!! 

4. Should I go on?? No I think you get it. 

5. More vests to the people. 

Full on leather

The matrix look.

Maybe the biggest trend during fall 19 and spring 20? And I guess it will keep going strong. Anyhow Arket is doing the best, and most affordable, leather pieces on the market. It’s still pricy, but you get so much what you pay for.

And the best? They are chrome free.

And chrome-free tanning means that a hide is converted to soft and supple leather using vegetable or synthetic extracts instead of chromium sulphate.

Back to basics

Who says basics need to be boring?

Find the rib here.

No one when you have seen these.

Them will speak for themselves. Here you go.

Linen pieces

Last but not least.

Newest member to the Arket family.

A few, but yet so great, pieces in full linen material. All with a relaxed and masculine fit. The ultimate summer dream? Yes.

Can’t wait to wear this linen shirt in Italy summer 2021.

Ofc with matching linen pants (maybe the comfiest vacation wear ever), a pair of leather slippers and tinted retro aviator sunglasses. Here we go.

You find the website and entire collection here. Go and get yourself something really nice, you deserve it.

Published 28/04/2020

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