Are No Pants the New Pants?

Published 13/04/2020
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Trends on Instagram has been a thing for almost 10 years now. It started out pretty innocent with marble as a backdrop for everything. Your breakfast shot wasn’t complete if it was not being set up on a white marble table. But then things escalated quickly and the attention span for the trends got shorter and shorter. In these home quarantine times, Instagram seems have gotten stuck though. People aren’t able to move around on earth like they used to do which has made #STAYHOME to one of the biggest Instagram trends of all time. Of course, the stay home hashtag isn’t only for show on instagram, it’s to save lives but you all know that.

#STAYHOME has created sub trends too, like all big trends always do. One of them being the no pants trend. I asked on instagram the other day

Is 2020 the year everyone stopped wearing pants??

And after carefully listening to all responses I came to the conclusion that I was right. Yes, pants are not priority any more.

Of course, Zoom and FaceTime meetings are big supporters of this trend. What people don’t know won’t kill them when it comes to pants or no pants. As long as you don’t stand up during those meetings. Or so I’ve heard from a friend…

Another big supporter of the no pants trend…

Sex and the City

I don’t know if people have been rewatching old Sex and the City episodes but another supporter of this trend, and maybe one of the real reasons to why this trend is even making it on social media is the boy brief. Frequently worn by miss Carrie Bradshaw both as a sleeping garment but also in fashion week context (but of course, they were bedazzled briefs).

Someone who has been watching a lot of Sex and the City and but didn’t stop with feeling inspired is Kim K W. She had to make a business out of it and good for her bc women’s underwear has been way too uncomfortable for too long. Men has flown boxers and easy cotton briefs. We have lace thongs. The patriarchy as its best.








Image Matilda Djerf

Looking back at this in the future, maybe it took a pandemic for women to really claim the right to comfortable underwear?

That is me being dramatic of course. But all women posting images of themselves in high waist cotton briefs may be a small step for them but a big step for the industry of women’s underwear. I know I would have wanted to see that when I was younger, that would have saved me a lot of days wearing uncomfortable underwear.

Published 13/04/2020

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