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Published 01/06/2021
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I’m so happy to share this analog story with you. I hope that all of you at home will be inspired by all the colors of summer. I will dress in yellow, something I have never done before but now feels SO right. I am also feeling tweed, crispy white materials, and shell jewelry of all kinds. The knitted sweater will continue to follow me the throughout the summer. Preferably in a nice pattern or color, maybe yellow? (Yes that’s how much I like it) or maybe in a lovely summer red?

Okay, get ready. Let’s go!

Model: Miranda Nyström / MIKAS Photographer: Josefine Lundhall Styling: Klara Björk Lotaction: Hotel Blique by Nobis

Summer red

Strawberries and poppy flowers. Two red objects describing summer. Match with a tan and a large plate of pasta. Check!

Flip flops, yezzz pls

Striped sweater from Ganni and clips that makes any outfit – Saint Laurent
Knitted sweater from Nathalie Schuterman

Spring is here but the knitted sweater is here to stay.

Tweed shorts from Zara and heels from Sania.dmina

On Wednesday’s we wear pink!

Heels from Sania.dmina and Cecilie Bahnsen blouse

Tweed is a material that has been around for a long time and I guess to most of us is deeply connected to Chanel. Although it has always been there, I have probably never been so eager to wear it as I am right now. If you are like me, less eager to spend an entire salary on one Chanel piece, Zara offers a whole bunch of magical budget alternatives in tweed this season. Take this jumpsuit for example, it feels just right this season. Can already see myself sitting at a bistro in Paris drinking lots of wine in this outfit.

Crazy about yellow?

Get ready for a brighter future!

Blue and yellow, just like the Swedish flag but maybe a little more fashion?

Pantone announced that one of two selected colors for the year 2021 is yellow ( the other one is gray how boring?) . The exact shade is – 13-0647 Illuminating (google it). So I’m not surprised that we’re seeing so much yellow in the fashion world right now. As I said ” Get ready for a brighter future!” because yellow is the sh*t this summer!

Shells and sequins to celebrate a new future!

Dress from Valentino belt Mango.

I bought this magic belt in the summer of 2019 in Milan. I remember proudly walking to the checkout and thinking that we will live happily ever after. And who knows, we’ve had a lot of fun so far!

Blazer – Zara, Bag – Balenciaga, Dress – Malene Birger and Sandals – Chanel

Styling tip: Wear a belt over the jacket to get a cool silhouette. Also, use your daddy sandals from last summer to dress down all of your fancy dresses. I have really missed dressing up this past year and so now I take every chance I get to pull out the big party guns. Even if it’s just for a casual night out.

Many thanks to Hotel Blique by Nobis for letting us take photos in your beautiful hotel.

Hotel Blique by Nobis also has the world’s best brunch, so for those of you who live in Sweden or are going here on holiday, you know where you are going.

Bisous – K.B

Published 01/06/2021

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