What I am buying this week

Or you know, if I were to buy anything, I just bought these crazy ass curtains last night on an auction which ended up costing me a lot more than they were supposed to. But you know! Auctions! It’s just so thrilling. And the winning part of it, brilliant. You feel like you just made a real bargain. But really you kind of didn’t. Yes, I had wine yesterday.

Published 20/08/2019
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Tiny bags

huge egos

Don’t you just love a tiny bag that demands large attention? I sure do. Especially the ones so tiny you barely can fit a credit card into. They are all like “yes I know I am monstrously small, but you love me, so you’ll happily carry everything else you need to bring in your hands”

If that’s not egocentric then I don’t know what is.

Oh, and the ATP Atelier bag, perhaps the cutest of them all, is soon online. We’ll talk more about it then.





August’s biggest Insta trend

Besides going offline, that is.

Nail art!!! It really is 2003 again. I don’t hate it.

Hobnob friend and instagram crush Anna is a pioneer in the subject.


You know it’s fall when all you see is plaid. I have a thing going on every year, in August I love plaid, in February I want to throw it out the window. It’s the procedure of a mentally stabil person.

Anyways, in zen or now, this plaid set by Toteme is allowed to move into my wardrobe. Until February at least.

Utility pants

Yes, I know, nothing new under the sun. I’ve written about utility pants before.

But one hasn’t been able to wear them without sweating like a mad person.

And so I will. But I have to find the perfect pair before that.

These pink utilities are by Arket.

Dork knits

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When you go shopping and it goes well. 😁 @golfwang

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This is me putting every dorky knit eggs in one basket. If you have been wearing these knits all along I apologize. There just isn’t a better word for them. The tight cardigans, the boarding school v-neck buttoned knits and the tight neck vest knits. They are having a redemption. I am taking that basket of eggs and making a run for it.

Miu Miu


Alessandra Rich


The Leather Shirt

I have around 3-4 black garments in my closet. No joke. I just feel very funeral in black. But this summer’s color explosion has made me want to reconsider black. Maybe it is for me? At least if it’s leather.
Leather shirt, Arket.

Remember, I did try it out once on vacation in July. Not funeral chic, but chic chic. To be continued…

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“I am really after the dad on a hike-look this season. But with a touch of Queen Elizabeth”


So, hats has kind of been my ultimate go-to accessory this summer. Straw hats, weird flower patterned hats that also could do as a tent for a small family and visors. I am considering taking it to the next level and exchanging my straw hats for wool hats and visors for (drum roll) caps. Any thoughts? I am really after the dad on a hike-look this season. But with a touch of Queen Elizabeth.

Published 20/08/2019

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