The Fall Coats You (And We) Want To Wear This Season

Published 20/10/2020
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The warm fall we’ve been having has left a lot to ask for in terms of good outerwear.

Bare legs and thin blazers are great, but after a long spring and summer, at least I feel like it’s about God damn time to layer up.

I am at that point where I am ready to spend my days sweating just to be able to wear all my good coats. Crazy, huh? Oh, the things I do for fashion.

So, what coats are happening for autumn you may wonder. Or we actually know you wonder, because you’ve been asking us. So, let’s do categories.

Trench season

is longer than one might think

Linn wearing a J.W Anderson trench coat.

I have never met a trenchcoat I didn’t like. Trench coats is the ultimate transitional garment in my opinion. Great for all seasons. Great to play layering-up with. Great to play Inspector Gadget in. The list goes on.

Fanny wearing a Remain leather coat.

Fringes have feelings too

The fringe jacket is back. And it’s terribly hurt by all the things you said about it after the last time it was in mode. Seriously.

Linn wearing a vintage fringe jacket.

The wider shoulders the better

This season it’s all about the wide shoulder coats. The bigger the better, which is great news for all your chunky knits – I mean how many times have you not felt like a stuffed sausage? Or is it just me? OK.

Fanny wearing a vintage Valentino jacket.

Fun (faux) fur

Fanny wearing an H&M teddy jacket.

Linn wearing a Loewe faux fur.

Did you know that it was Fendi who introduced the fun fur? Karl Lagerfeld took the back then really old-fashioned fur coats and made them colorful and playful. We have so much to thank him for. I guess we don’t need to thank him for making killing animals for their fur cool though. So let’s say we’ll keep the furs in our closets faux?

Coat’s w (a manly) attitude

Fanny wearing a vintage men’s coat.

I have always had a thing for oversized outerwear. Ever since I was a kid. And this season is no different. I am gonna go as far as saying that if you only get one new coat this season, make it a vintage one from the men’s section. Seriously. They don’t make coats like they once used to anymore. Vintage women’s coats are great, but the men’s coats were really made to last in a completely different way. Which says a lot about how why our shopping behavior is what it is right now in women’s fashion.

A few tips when you go vintage shopping for fall coats to bring along with you.

  1. Make sure the combination of materials are natural. As much wool as possible is to prefer.
  2. Take a good look at the lining before you bring out your wallet. A ragged lining can be both hard and expensive to fix.
  3. Don’t be afraid to size up! The wider shoulder the cooler in my opinion.

Leather everything

Linn wearing a Saks Potts leather coat.

Versatile leather pieces are one of this season’s biggest trend. A good leather piece is an investment and should be treated as one both before purchase and after. Which means: ask yourself, how will I wear this? Am I more of a trench gal or do I need a short shirt version to layer under other jackets?

Linn wearing a Toteme leather jacket.

But I also appreciate a good layering situation with a leather shirt underneath a wool blazer or a trenchcoat. It’s just a great way to bring thinner outerwear into the winter season (eventually!! please chill right?).

I am both. Shocker. I love wearing a leather trench coat as a statement piece, I mean, I don’t need much more than that? For all everyone else know I could be naked underneath. I never am though. Too sweatty.

Published 20/10/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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