5 great looks I wore for a London weekend

Published 08/12/2019
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**I have never been a London girl. I do not know what it is, but me and London have never found each other.

First time I went to Paris we fell in love immediately, but me and London never went to second base. However, we celebrated my youngest cousin turning 18 (I know, I feel like a granny already) last weekend and she had to pick the destination. And yes, she loves London so London it was.

And I loved it.

I’m so surprised??? I don’t know if it was for the three day long festive feeling or if I for real have changed my mind?? However, London surprised us with three days of sun and that crispy cold you could almost touch it. A-m-a-z-i-n-g (!!) vintage shopping, 18 plates of cacio e Pepe and a few glasses of bubbles here and there. I will get back to you with a smaller London guide soon.

So what did I wear all weekend? I know you have been waiting for this, so lets hit it.

I saw these pants on Hanna MW this winter at Copenhagen fashion week, and was about to fall off the chair. I love the 70’s hippie vibe!! You can find similar here from House of Sunny, but in silk.

Pants Hjosberg
Cardigan Ganni
Bag Bottega Veneta (stolen from my mom)
Boots Zara

Something new, something borrowed, something blue

The ultimate casual “going shopping” outfit. We hade a way to early flight so I dressed very comfortable and this is how it ended up. Cardigan and crazy pants, very casual huh? Haha.

What is a London weekend without paying a pee stop to Sketch famous egg toilets??

I really do not know what happened with my plan of my packing, because I forgot all my festive clothes? I always pack in outfit and always have a sort of a plan, but this time it all went error. As I am moving out from my apartment in 1,5 month I have stored 80% of my clothes and stuff, which means I have A VERY LIMITED wardrobe atm. So this was the best option to a festive outfit I could find in my 20kg suitcase. Yes I had 20kg with me for 48 hours.

Skirt Weekday
Boots & bag Bottega Veneta
Headband Prada

City safari girl

Ever since I saw Sarah Rhode Olsen in this look I could not get it off my mind. So I put my hands on this safari suit from The Frankie Shop and now in London I found my dream belt from Loewe, coincidence? I think not. This is my new go-to-look.

And no, I would not recommend go shopping in a boiler suit and major waist belt. It sounds very convenient I know – but its not.

Find the suit here and the belt here.

The devil wears Prada

I found this AMAZING Prada dress at Pandoras dress agency and this is for sure a piece I will keep forever.

So I could not resist wearing it straight away, together with boots from (old) Céline and clutch from (old) Bottega Veneta. Can you tell I love vintage shopping?

Speaking of vintage catches

I also found this Chanel sweater in one small vintage store next to Pandoras dress agency, it is crazy how I found three dream pieces (!) during one weekend??? And no my budget was not really ready for this, but what the heck.

Sweater Chanel
Pants Stine Goya
Jewellery Bliue Billie/ Jane Koenig / Anni Lui

Published 08/12/2019

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