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Published 19/05/2020
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Now that we are spending waaaay more time at home it’s been the start of an eternity of decor hunting for me. If this situation continues I’ll be a crazy vase lady. Maybe that’s okay, though? I vote yes. As important as a pair of earrings can be for you outfit – your place also needs a little personal touch of accessories. I’m here to guide you through the jungle that is decor.

Camilla Skov

Seen on (for example) Hanna Stefanssons instagram, this vase became the equivalent of love at first sight (as you probably understand?!?!?). Yes, I’ll take it that far. This is serious stuff.

Jade Paton

All images via Jade Paton

And so the ceramic-mania continues… this time at Jade Paton. Located in Cape Town, these shapes and colors have traveled across the world. And I wouldn’t mind it traveling all the way to my living room, hehe. If you ask me, they could have a family trip over to Stockholm, I would make room for all of them.

Follow Jade here for more shapes and colors

Wall Of Art

I present to you – a platform with art created by young artists. Some of which are sharing their creative work with a wider audience for the first time. Here you can find brand new creatives – all with individual takes on what a home should include.

Millefiori Interior

Images via Millefiori Interior

Millefiori Interior connects you with a collection of (mainly Italian) vintage interior. Their feed consists of curated selections of vintage Murano table and ceiling lamps, mirrors, glass objects and furniture that makes you want to redo your home to a candy shop (preferably yesterday).

Follow them here for some eye candy

Did the Crazy Decor Ladies club just expand? I sure hope so, interior fans – ALIGN!!

Published 19/05/2020

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