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Published 12/11/2019
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We love clothes, yes. But putting an outfit together can also cause great head ache and major melt downs, right? Because, when it comes to the science of dressing, there is no recipe. However, we’re here to change that. Look at this new series as a list of ingredients, that you can add to your weekly menu of outfits. For this week, Paulina Vinter is the chef. This is what she wore for a week at the office. She’d tell you, that if you lack inspiration at 7am on a Tuesday morning, throw a green blanket on your outfit, or add a huge safety pin. And these are just a few of her ideas for seasoning. So, I’d recommend you to continue to scroll the hell out of this post to read her genius toughts on this serious matter, k?

Paulina works as the International Sales Manager at ATP Atelier. She’s the official queen of great accessories and bad jokes.

First of all, I love kits. You know, the fact that you don’t have to think about how to make an outfit work, with your eyes still glued shut in the morning, ‘cos they just match by default. And in general, I love brainless clothes. Stuff you just throw on, which pretty much don’t accentuate anything about your body. Kits and shapeless stuff that is somewhat architectonic in its formlessness have been a big thing for me since I can remember. Also, I’m liking a pants and shirt sort of ensemble more and more. This didn’t use to be the case, before I’d typically wear a dress layered under or over something.

“kill your darlings”

I also used the “kill your darlings” motto, in two ways. Firstly, I have a conversation with myself and my wardrobe each quarter. It’s a great little get-together. I take my darlings, package them and take them to my storage room. This is good, because it makes you wear more of the other things that don’t get so much love. And then, when you take the darlings back, it feels you wear them for the first time again. And you find new darlings among the ones that didn’t get so much love. Secondly, this summer I started an exchange-of-wardrobe kind of thing with a friend. I take a couple of my favorite pieces and give them to her to wear for a couple of months. As an exchange she’ll give me some of hers, for me to wear. I highly recommend this, let’s start a club, yes?”


Pants, Colovos
Jacket, Acne Studios
Shirt, Vintage Prada x Corso Como
Bag, Merci merch
Shoes, ATP Atelier
Earrings, All Blues


Pants and blazer, Acne Studios
Shirt, My old trusty Hail to the thief album shirt from a random store in Spain
Bag and Shoes, ATP Atelier
Earrings, D’Heygere
Cigs, Marlboro Touch

“These earrings are my favorites, they were quite the investment but I use them with everything. Also, you can put anything in them, so convenient” as told to Fanny on a drunken night a few weeks ago.

I’m a geek when it comes to who makes my clothes and accessories, I also have a huge need to know where they are made and from what. My wardrobe is about one meter wide, so I have to limit what I bring in to it and be very selective. I’m trying to build a library there. I like to come back to things I’ve had for years and take good care of them. It’s something I take great pride in. I like young fun designers who have integrity and the guts to do whatever they want. I like them much more before some business developers tell them what they have to do in order to succeed or survive commercially. I love finding gems at second hand stores, particularly in Paris, but Stockholm also has a lot to offer.


Dress and scarf, Ann-Sofie Back
Boots and bag, ATP Atelier


Skirt, Barena Venezia
Blazer, Thrifted
Safety pin, Ann-Sofie Back 
Top, Rodebjer
Bag and shoes, ATP Atelier
Earrings, All Blues


Blanket, Céline
Shoes, ATP Atelier
Blazer, Thrifted
Safety pin and turtleneck, Ann-Sofie Back
Denim, Colovos
Earrings, All Blues

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Published 12/11/2019

In addition to being a Hobnob contributor, Carin Falk is Brand Manager at ATP Atelier, has a very serious peanut butter addiction and argues she has the best sweats game known to mankind.

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