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A Story About Light

Published 07/03/2022
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Light makes a room. When we decorated our new office we aimed towards making rooms in the room, creating an inspiring environment for creative work and recovery.

When it comes to design and light, we have the same philosophy as with our wardrobes. Different textures, styles, decades and colors makes for the perfect eclectic mix. Adding interesting details such as warm and cold light together with both floor, table and ceiling light creates an interesting whole. 

Rum21, a Scandinavian design destination since the beginning of the 2000s, payed us a visit on the first week in our new office space, to ask us about one of the things we consider most important, light.

Our all time favorite lamp? The Pipistrello by Gae Aulenti for Martinelli Luce. It has it all, contemporary design, effortless elegance and comfortable shapes.

The smaller accessories can make the biggest difference. We love our small Flowerpot Portable by &Tradition. We add it to any situation. In the kitchen, on the side table, on our desks and even in the bathroom.

But what about ceiling lamps then? Maybe the most given light and the lamp most people begin to think about when speaking of light. To us this is the hardest one to chose since a ceiling lamp not only needs to spread a comfortable light, but in a room like this, also needs to help with the acoustics. We chose four Turner 65 by Pholc and it really just gave the room another dimension whilst helping to catch sound.

The updated classic is a well-known term in both fashion and design. In fashion we love an elevated trenchcoat or men’s shirt for example, and in design one of our best classics with a twist is this Panthella by Louis Poulsen in chrome.

As for floor lamps, we have chosen the Akari 10A by Isamu Noguchi for Vitra. Name a more eternal classic? We’ll wait. An Akari brings a certain soft to a room no other lamp really can. It’s bold it all it’s effortlessness.

The best design pieces have some questionmarks attached to them. Is it a sculpture? Or is it a lamp? The Grape lamp by Tadé can be used both with and without light source which makes it all of the above actually.

Explore the full range of Rum21’s light and lamps.

Published 07/03/2022

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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