A Month’s Worth of Outfits with Luisa Cruz

Shirt: Alter Ego limited edition Weekday 
Ring: Emotional Landscape

”Today, sustainable fashion is a very crucial part of my life. In my youth, I was ashamed of buying second hand, but my mother taught me to see the beauty in vintage pieces.”

Luisa Cruz
Denim & blazer: Alter Ego limited edition
Ring: Emotional Landscape
Blazer: second hand

Luisa Cruz is a true, natural beauty.

Her Caribbean and Slavic heritage and her upbringing in Botkyrka, a multicultural suburb south of Stockholm, have made Luisa feel like a global citizen. Her style definitely speaks the same language (including the four languages that she masters); a Scandinavian silhouette with an international edge.

Eyewear: Old Céline, Bag: Prada 
Shirt: second hand, Trousers: Helmut Lang 
Shoes: Toteme 

As Fashion and Styling Lead at Weekday Luisa is always on a mission to find the right balance between effortless, comfortable and cool. With over 20 years of experience within the fashion and retail industry, as styling director and Head of Visual Merchandising, just to mention a few of Luisa’s most prestigious roles, Luisa consider sustainable fashion to be a crucial part of her life. She prefers high-quality garments that make both her body and mind feel good. She’s fascinated by the dynamic between masculine and feminine silhouettes and she experiment with her outfits balancing short cuts with long, an open back with something covered, until she finds the perfect harmony.

Ring: Emotional Landscape
Shoes: Martin Marginal tabi boots

”I enjoy dressing up and going out for dinner and parties. But I always make sure to bring comfortable shoes that I can walk home in.”

After living and studying image consulting in Barcelona for six years, Luisa returned to Stockholm where she now lives with her husband and 7-year-old daughter. More than anything she appreciates spending time with family and friends and thus Stockholm is where her heart is. One of her favorite weekly routines is waking up on the weekend, enjoying a long breakfast with her family, before heading to the food market at Hötorget for lunch and coffee together. They then pick fresh vegetables and flowers and buy groceries to bring home for preparing a late night dinner with friends.

Skirt & shirt: Alter Ego limited edition Weekday 
Ring: Emotional Landscape
Shoes: Martin Margiela tabi boots 
Top: Weekday, Trousers: Uniqlo
Shoes: Acne Studios
Bracelet: Evil Eye
Dress: Ann-Sofie Back, Trousers: Weekday
Coat: Toteme, Shoes: Martin Margiela tabi boots 

All images courtesy Luisa Cruz @cruzzzluisa

Published 03/05/2023

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