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A Good Night’s Sleep Is a (life) Key Ingredient

Since we started Hobnob I have realized how important sleep and recharging are for me. I mean, very very important. I have struggled long periods with lack of sleep due to too much stress and duties. Well, I guess we all have. I have heard that we millennials have in common to put a lot of effort into everything we do. If that is the case, I don’t know but I know that I was for sure too young and too eager to listen to my body, until that one day when my body said no and I fainted in the bathroom. It should obviously not have gone that far, but our bodies are so much smarter than we think. Even if it is a fairytale of only fun things, with no sleep or recurring recovery, it will (in my case) not end up with a happily ever after ending.

Since that day I have re-evaluated how I sleep when I sleep, and how much I sleep. In periods in life when we travel a lot with Hobnob I can easily feel and see a pattern of how it heavily affects my creativity, my social skills, my relationships, and my positive attitude. Last year I went to a sleeping class to learn more about how daily light, screens and routines affect our sleep. Did you know that if you expose your face to daylight first thing in the morning, the natural process of the body starts much faster than if you don’t? Only with small changes like that, I do feel significant changes in my overall daily energy. Quite cool actually.

Together with Jotex, I have explored the importance of a great bed and atmosphere of a bedroom. How different materials fit better for different persons, and it has been everything but boring. I got the fortune to be guided all the way from the qualities of the plumes to bedroom temperatures. Also the furniture in a bedroom plays a big part of course, and at Jotex they take this very seriously too. I love it.

Jotex (and my) Recipe To The Perfect Bed

1. Choose the right design on the bed frame.

The center of attention in your bedroom.

2. Choose the comfort of the matress.

The right mattress for your type of sleep style is the key ingredient.

3. The Textiles

After all – the real coziness sits in the details, right?

Lets start with the main character in (my) bedroom

And it is not my boyfriend.

I believe 2022 has been the year of the great comeback of bed frames. I have realized a bed frame is like a sofa, it can change the entire character of a room.

Right now Jotex has an excellent range of frames for all kinds of sleepers and bedrooms. I had a hard time choosing between this very Art Deco kind of look or a wooden one you find here. I feel I am both versions of a sleeper. I both want the feeling of a very light and Swedish kind of feeling, but I am also a gloomy sleeper who likes cozier and darker colors.

What mattress are you?

Speaking of guidance in sleep. Even if the look and feel of a bedroom are incredibly important, the actual bed and mattress are even more important since that is what affects and helps your body through the night.

We all have different body types, ways of sleep, and other preferences that are very important to have in mind when choosing your bed. I know from experience I really didn’t care for that back in the old good stressful days, but I can ensure each and any of you that is super important and will give you a huge change if you dare to put just a little energy into it.

Choose a mattress that suits your body and sleeping position without compromising either quality or material. In addition, you have a 10-year guarantee on all our mattresses.


Suitable for those who want a mattress that provides light and evenly distributed support.

✓ Foam core

✓ Reversible and equilateral

✓ Firmness: Medium

✓ Sizes: 90 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm


Suitable for those who want a flexible mattress that provides more support and helps the body to recover.

✓ Core of-pocket elastics

✓ Reversible and equilateral

✓ Firmness: Medium and firm

✓ Sizes: 90 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm


Suitable for those who want a mattress with zoned support and adapted relief. The unique properties of the mattress give the body maximum rest.

✓ Core of pocket springs with comfort zones

✓ Reversible and reversible, there is a summer and a winter side

✓ Firmness: Medium and firm

✓ Sizes: 90 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm

It’s all in the details

Even if the mattress and bed frame are the center of attention here, I believe it’s the small things that give your bedroom the extra touch of personality. My weak points at the moment are heavy curtains and side tables, especially wooden details since that in my opinion calms down the atmosphere. Even if I choose to make the bed with pink or yellow sheets, it still gives a harmonic feeling and impression. Don’t you think?

If you want to explore more bedroom treasures from Jotex, click here.

Published 07/12/2022

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