A Creative Director’s Magical Stockholm City Wedding

Published 28/10/2022
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In a land far, far away there was a beautiful princess and a prince. Nah, just kidding. But it was a beautiful Creative Director of a design company and a hardcore biker that one night accidentally matched on Tinder.

After one lunch including two shots (to ease the nerves) Annica walked the 200m to Nobis Hotel located in the heart of Stockholm, to meet her (what she didn’t know) future Husband. The door opens, and a full denim-dressed man with hands with so many rings it could fill up an entire silver boutique and the sexiest of it all: a Bluetooth in-ear. Annice first thought it was the wrong man because he didn’t look like his Tinder Profile, but then she realized within the inebriation its really him.

It wasn’t love at first sight. If you ask Annica. If you ask Guzz, it of course was. But in Annica’s head, it was enough to make room for a second date. After he made her the perfect Gin&Tonic and a delicious three-course dinner, the Bluetooth in-ear was gone with the wind. And this unique and incredibly unexpected love story took off.

How was the first meeting with your husband?

It was in Stockholm city we met after matching on Tinder. It was an unexpected first meeting as my husband had an entirely different look than his Tinder profile. It still brings great laughs today to both of us today. This still reminds me it is so important to never judge someone by their clothing or style.

What is your life like?

I’m the creative director at Bolon, a design company I run with my sister Marie. I’m also a photographer and owner of Villa La Madonna which is a vineyard, and boutique hotel in Italy, Piemonte.

Guzz is the IT and facility manager at Kungliga konstnärskolan here in Stockholm.

So, how did you organize the wedding?

Besides keeping the romantic atmosphere in focus, we wanted to add our rock n’ roll personalities to it. We planned it completely by ourselves to be sure to keep it tight and personal. We focused to set really good details and spent many hours on it, but with a little help from our families and my Bolon team. I couldn’t have asked for a better team in this world. We really didn’t think we had to have a toastmaster since we wanted to keep it small and really didn’t need that kind of schedule but there is always so much more at the end that needs to be taken care of. Last minute we gave Linn & Fanny the honor to be toastmasters, and they really gave us the greatest of all performances. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it included an opening scene from the godfather and two songs performed by the tostmadames duo. It was really like watching myself but in a wig x 2.

Where did you choose the have the ceremony?

Guzz proposed to me during a weekend trip in Venice in May, but I got the engagement ring in Stockholm, during a picnic at Waldermarsudde. On a sunny day, we packed a bottle of champagne and took our bikes out to this beautiful spot in the close Stockholm archipelago, and I had no idea he had the ring I had had my eyes on for quite a while with him. It felt immediately very natural and personal for us to have the wedding ceremony there.

“We love cities, we love the pulse and the ambiance that comes with a big city. And we both love Stockholm. It’s our home and safe zone. That’s why we chose to have it here.”

Tell us everything about your wedding dress?

Oh, it was quite a “time is running out decision”. I spent so many hours this summer on google and different wedding websites, also Linn & Fanny sent me so many beautiful options, but no one felt 100% me. My research went on until one day in late July I saw my dress appear on an ad on Instagram (yes the algorithms really caught me on the bed edge). The company was based in NYC and it was summer so I needed to hurry to take my decision. I flew to Stockholm, took the measures then in mid-August it arrived, and luckily it was a perfect fit and match. This was the dress I was marrying Guzz in.

And what about accessories?

The tradition says something old, something borrowed, and something blue. So, my goddaughter, Fanny got married last year in Paris and wore a beautiful Chanel tiara which I borrowed. My friend Malin gave me a blue vintage napkin with our initials handstitched on to wipe my tears away if needed during our wedding (yes, it was well-needed). In my ears, I got beautiful Chanel earrings from Linn & Fanny the same morning as the wedding.

I wanted to have a sleek hair look and natural makeup look to the tiara since it was quite in the center. I felt really beautiful.

Describe the look of your husband?

He wore a tailor-made black tuxedo & black tie, with cowboy-inspired Saint Laurent boots. He was extremely handsome combined with the warmest and proudest smile I have ever seen on his face.

Could you please take us through the wedding day?

It was like a big rom-com, full of love, laughter, and happy tears surrounded by our best friends and family. 24h of constant love and joy. Day 1 we had the party in a restaurant close to our home that we liked a lot. On the second day, we hosted a hangover brunch in our apartment, and in the middle of the party, we left for our honeymoon. We loved the feeling of having our friends still partying in our home while we sat on the flight, sipping bubbles as newly married. A completely new and odd, but fantastic feeling.

Do you have one particular moment that you know you will cherish forever?

When we entered the ceremony and met our friends & family, all so good-looking with only happiness on their faces. I’m glad I had my blue napkin from Malin then.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, what is your best advice to someone who is planning on a city wedding?

Location is everything. Rather smaller than large. You want the crowded feeling, not empty. Also, try to divide the moments during the day into different smaller yet exciting happenings. For example, we rented a private boat to take us all from the ceremony to the restaurant. From the boat we all walked together like a long love parade through the city with our singing friend Mario in the front. It is really an unforgettable moment. As I said earlier, it is really the details that make a change. Ask yourself what’s the most important for you and what memories you want to bring with you forever. It’s your day, go all in.

“I had the time of my life.”

Annica Eklund Navarro.

Published 28/10/2022

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