9 Looks I Have Saved on Instagram This Week

Published 08/10/2020
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Lean back and scroll away.
I am about to serve you a delicious five course outfit dinner.

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Full checked look

Since Balenciaga showed this checked print last year in their iconic hourglass blazer (ofc together with a matching skirt) I have been searching with lantern after it. Doesn’t matter what piece – I just need this pattern in my life!!!


As late as yesterday evening I searched the entire Balenciaga collection at both Vestiaire Collective and eBay. No bingo.

I also LOVE the full look with the mint green shirt underneath. The entire ensemble is just amazing.


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On top of my wish list this fall? A vanilla colored coat from Saks Potts.

I have alerts on every single second hand site for this coat. I just have to have it. Love how Marianne and Pernille have styled it too, completely different but oh-so-good both ways.

Me and Fanny are in the latest campaign of

JW Anderson


Well, it could have been… Right??

This is so us when the ski season arrives. Plus a pair of pants maybe. Or actually, now that I think about it the shorts would go so good on top of a pair of base layer pants for the après-ski too.

I want to have the entire pink look, après-ski or not. Especially the hat.

See the entire collection here.

Now, let’s talk about two great (boot) looks

The red ones

We don’t even have to mention that Stella von Senger is the coolest woman in the fashion industry. If you don’t follow her, shame on you. So do yourself a favor and start now by clicking here.

However, she ofc has a pair of the most iconic boots from Phoebe Philo’s time at Céline. The red leather boots. Omg, those are so so cool. Of course, I have a giant alert on these ones as well on Vestiaire Collective (surprise!).

But now when I saw Stella wearing them with washed black denim and a vintage leather coat I started craving them even more. Ugh.

Another dream autumn look.

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Moonwalking in more than one way 🥾🌝

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And the white ones

Speaking of boots! A pair of iconic boots of this era: Bottega Veneta. But that does not come as surprise to any of us, or at least that’s what I hope. If yes, welcome to 2020! Bottega is the new (old) Céline.

Another cool cat is Pernille Rosenkilde, as I wrote about here, and I am such a huge fan of her off duty looks. She always dresses so funny and cool, even when she is just out hiking or even throwing out the garbage. I always have her in mind when I pack for more casual occasions.

Hi babe

Bottega Veneta

Oh, another babe!

Bottega Veneta

Rain proof

Stella McCartney

Color-blocked coats

This is the kind of coat I have been waiting for!! Or is it just me who has been looking in all the wrong place? I have seen this picture of Alexandra Carl wearing this Old Céline dream in my feed a couple of times, and once again, searched the entire internet to find it. But never any luck finding it.

I know one thing to be true though, you can always count on Danish brands. Remain by Birger Christensen launched a collaboration with (di)vision where they are making color-blocked coats from recycled leather. Can’t be better, if you ask me.

Published 08/10/2020

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