8 reasons to wear bicycle shorts this spring

Published 09/05/2019
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The above knee stretchy shorts everyone loves to hate. But have you given the bike shorts an honest chance?

How can a piece of stretchy fabric bring out so many emotions? If you haven’t been bike short bitten yet, here are 8 reasons to be and how to style them.

Wikipedia describes bicycle shorts as pants made out of elastic material. So far so good. Although I do think bicycle pants kan be in denim too. But let’s continue. Wikipedia continues to tell me that they are mostly for people on bicycles. Objection! They are for millennials on electric scooters too. As well as for people who like to use their legs to get places. According to Wiki bicycle pants are usually worn without underwear underneath. But let’s decide to wear underwear under, to avoid itch. But if it floats your boat, feel free. If you read further of the description of bicycle pants on wikipedia you can draw the conclusion that wiki haven’t considered bicycle pants appropriate for everyday attire since the 90s. And up til recent I think most people would agree. 

But let’s walk into this season with an open hart. I am gonna give you eight reasons to prove Wikipedia wrong and show that cyber know-it-all once and for all, that tights above the knee deserve to be acknowledge for the very comfortable, motion friendly type of pants they are. 

Using blazers to make something more fancy than it really is, is as old as fashion tricks get. I absolutely made that up, but it easily could be true, no? This raspberry pink suit jacket almost make these spandex pants forget where they come from. 

Blazer, Stine Goya. Bike shorts, Arket. Top, vintage. Checkered platform heels, Prada. Bucket hat, Prada.

Are you not a blazer kind-of-gal? If not, you don’t know what you are missing out on. But, luckily for you, the trick about a fancy blazer can be applied on a ladylike wool jacket too. Add a dad-type of sandal to take 40 years off the jacket. So, now you are 20-something again. 

Wool jacket, vintage. Denim bike shorts, Levi’s. Velcro sandals, Uniqlo. Canvas bag, Prada. Sparkling hair clips, Zara.

The oldest trick in the book regarding pants that were initially made for cyclers are to put a dress over them. Fancy and very very appropriate if your mini dress were to catch some wind. Ask your mother about this I am sure she wore this and regret it. That’s not a reason for you to though.

Dress, AVAVAV Firenze. Bike shorts, Arket. Pearl bead sunglasses, Gucci. Hair clip, Glitter. Silver pumps, Stella McCartney.

Oh does these knee socks make my legs look shorter than they really are? I have not cared less about something in my entire life.

Oh does these knee socks make my legs look shorter than they really are? I have not cared less about something in my entire life. Sometimes bicycle shorts just wants to be sporty and you know what, you should let them. 

Windbreaker, Balenciaga. Lurex cycle shorts, Monki. Socks, Adidas. Velcro sandals, Uniqlo.

This outfit actually looks very good for wheel related sports. If you take those strappy sandals out of the equation, they are definitely not made to ride a bike in.

Windbreaker, Tommy Hilfiger. Purple bike shorts, vintage. Strappy sandals, The Row. Pink bag, Loewe.

I am a firm believer that bicycle pants can be made out of less stretchy materials as well. Or are they more like a bermuda if they are? What the hell, they are in this article anyways. Treat them as any other jeans but jeans that are actually bicycle pants. Very DIY friendly. 

Hawaii shirt, Beyond Retro. Cashmere knit, Lisa Yang. Denim bike shorts, Levi’s. Strappy sandals, The Row. Bag, Dior

Also, take advantage of the fact that you are wearing the next best thing to wearing nothing at all to do some very advanced movements. Spandex will never stop you or say you can’t. 

Sequin short sleeve shirt, Acne Studios. Lurex bike shorts, Monki. Socks, Adidas. Silver pumps, Stella McCartney. Mad skillz, from entering a gymnastics group at the age of 9.

So, tour de France without the bikes, anyone?

So, tour de France without the bikes, anyone? 

Published 09/05/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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