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Published 09/07/2019
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I am actually not getting one more thing off the summer sales this year. It’s true I am not. I am repeating this to myself. I am a strong, independent woman, I don’t need more clothes.

Yet still, I can’t help to refill my imaginary shopping cart over and over again. This is the dangerous thing about online shopping. You can be on the middle of nowhere and still have access to the further reductions sections on Farfetch and Matches. Sometimes I am turn my mobile data off. And to reward myself for doing that, I go online and look at 70% sales. Just kidding. Or am I? I kind of am.

Talking to my friends about what to get and what not to get is half the fun of shopping. It’s also a discussion that can go on for hours. Sometimes I just send something to Linn or my mom to get some company. Is that 2019 or what?? So now I am gonna do the same thing with you.

This The Attico dress from Spring Summer used to be €1,000. That is a lot. But with 70% off that’s actually quite reasonable. Anyone going to a wedding this late summer? Imagine this one with strappy sandals and a baguette bag. So elegant.

And also, can’t you see this dress with a camel knit layered under and sneakers this fall? I know I can.

This is something I do quite often, it may not be news to anyone. But I try to make up at least 6 or 7 outfits in my head before I buy something.

The Attico dress via Matches.

Crochet heels from Proenza Schouler, anyone?

I drooled over these ones in Berlin this fall at VooStore but just couldn’t bring myself to get them. Now? Still can’t. But I wish.

Proenza Schouler heels via Farfetch.

Can we please talk about sarongs for a short while??

I love them. So much. Sarongs may be my ultimate effortless cool right now.

I need them on the beach with a bikini top á la Charlotte York in SATC in L.A. I need them in the city with a blazer and lace up sandals. I need them on a date night with a tank top and flip flop heels.

I need more sarongs in my life and especially when they are 70% off and only €94.

Adriana Degreas sarong via Net-a-Porter.

Shorts for festivals and/or hiking

I know sale is coming earlier and earlier every year, and I feel old typing this, but when I was younger, summer sales meant summer was over. Now you can get your entire summer wardrobe at 70% off and summer hasn’t even begun?

These Ganni shorts I would bring on my sport hiking vacation (if I ever go on one) and my festival weekends. They would also come handy for all those cold summer days Scandinavia always bring even if we asked Scandi not to.

Ganni shorts at NeedSupply

OK this one is a no-brainer.

Wear a hat or get sun burned not wearing a hat???

Q number 2. Get it full price in the beginning of summer or wait until July and get in 70% off?

Sun hat from H&M.

Every party girl in the 80s would approve this one

Which is kind of just my ultimate question when I get a party piece these days.

And this one makes the cut.

You can even wear it to the beach with a bikini under. Or as a robe post shower. All you need is someone sticking you a glass of wine and you have a party right there.

If I got really excited writing this?? Yes. I might need this dress but even more a party right now.

Rixo dress via Net-a-Porter.

Leather <3 wood

Well, this bag isn’t exactly on 70% but very close to. It’s also not usually my style, but I get some New Bottega vibes from it, which I must say I appreciate a lot. So, it makes the list.

Top handle bag from & Other stories.

Published 09/07/2019

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