7 Outfits I’ve Worn to my Sofa Lately

Published 10/05/2020
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Imagine exchanging sofa to something more exciting!! For example: Paris, My Birthday Weekend, The Italian Riviera and so on. No. These are looks I’ve put on for myself to wear at home while making the occasional visits to my sofa where I also spend my lunch hours and after dinner activities. Don’t get any ideas you, after dinner activities are watching Normal People (or on a bad day: my bfs video games bc life aren’t always glamorous).


I obviously had a busy day Monday. Lots of meetings etc. It’s important to be able to channel your inner Hugh Hefner when you want to I think. My Hef is a bit more Willy Wonka.

Pajama, Arket
Bath robe, Nufferton
Mask, Kheil’s


Oh what a colorful Tuesday! All the colors of the oatmeal rainbow.

I dyed my eyebrows that day too, can you tell?

In love with this tennis shirt though. It has a life of its own, so stiff. That is a quality I appreciate in a shirt.

Tennis shirt, COS
Trousers, vintage


I had more than one glass of wine wearing this outfit. And I must admit I put on shoes for the picture. My downstairs neighbor would kill me if I played him the sweet tunes of Bottega Veneta on wooden floors all day.

Shirt, Marimekko
Leather Bermudas, vintage
Mules, Bottega Veneta


I did not only wear this to my couch I actually had lunch outside with my family in this outfit on Thursday too.

I wore it with my chunky wool Céline sandals but it was way too optimistic and I ended up going home straight after lunch bc I could not feel my feet.

Dress, Gestuz
Bag, COS


Fancy Friday blazer time! This square neck one is a big favorite of mine. I feel like (read this with British accent) such a lady.

Made it cooler by adding leather trousers bc soon it will be summer and wearing leather will be stupid.

May have exchanged the coffee for wine when this photo was taken.

Blazer, Tiger of Sweden
Leather pants, Dagmar
Necklace, Anni Lu


This is my favorite outfit of the week! I love this plaid set like a crazy person. Or actually I love it like a child loves something. I have worn it five times since I got it last week.

This was a perfect Saturday outfit. I just added a trenchcoat and went for a walk.

Set, Résumé
Platform heels, BOYY


Dress, Stine Goya
Hat, vintage
Necklace, Anni Lu

And finally down to Sunday. Why not dress up a bit I figured? A new dress I cannot wait to wear outside soon and a hat I have not yet put on its place since I wore it two weeks ago so its just been lying around. So I thought I’d wear it and pretend I had somewhere fancy to go where there will be tea and shortbreads.

Published 10/05/2020

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