7 looks I want to wear next week straight from Instagram

So, I spend a lot of time on my phone. At least that is what my phone tells me every day. According to my screen time updates I have my iPhone in my hand 3-4 h a day and I spend about half of that on Instagram. But unlike other this doesn’t bother me that much. I love internet.

I could go on for hours (maybe 3-4??) about this, but I am not going to. Although I feel like we should talk about this? People shaming people who are too much on their phones? At least now, you know I am not judging you.

Instead I am going to show you 7 looks I’ve screen shot for the upcoming week. Yes, I do that. But full on heatwave in the city makes you do crrrrrazy things.

So, it’s gonna be a hot damn next week according to a very reliable source, my mom. So, preferably I’d wear a swimsuit, but since I am going to be at the office that’s not really an option. Although I am planning on going late night swimming every day post work.

I would not say no to do it in company of this Loewe straw bag. I mean, look at it!

Bottega Veneta seems to be on everybody’s minds right now. On mine too. I am dying for these mules, but saving up for something special. So what I will be doing is stealing the styling, a legendary budget hack.

To tie your shoes around your pants is not something new, but wow did Bottega make us remember it again. And like an old friend from the past, I embrace it. I plan on doing it next week.

Also, isn’t this just the ultimate short girl solution?

I know, one can’t wear swimsuits alone in the city

But I can put my hair in a scarf! I have used my scarves in so many strange ways lately I have forgotten about the basics.

The combo tank top + sport shorts + birken + trench

My friend, London based stylist Jimmy Guo has always been a style crush of mine. And this combination of sport, leisure and old man it’s just too good not to copy. Perfect for hot summer days turning into cool summer nights.

Image: Jimmy Guo

I may not be on the ballerina flat team, but I am seriously considering joining? Ah, the sweet back pains and feet disorders that comes with the registration fee.

Seriously though, ballet flats with a crochet dress and yellow tinted sunglasses looks oh-so effortless chic.

And speaking of effortless chic

Aren’t white skirts/shorts just the hardest thing to pull off? I always feel like I am going golfing. But this ensemble actually looks cool. I will be putting the flip-flops and messy tied sweater in mind til next time.

Image: Sophia Roe

This is how I really want to look all summer. If hot city work weeks weren’t a fact.
Cable knitted sweaters, tighty whity’s, wellies and hair in a messy bun. French actress Laetitia Casta knows how to do it.

Published 21/07/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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