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Published 05/11/2020
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Tina Lundin, also know as “Let Them Wear Shoes” or l_t_w_s on Instagram. She was born in Gothenburg but have not spent many days in a row there the last couple of years. You might recognize her from street style pictures from fashion weeks all over the world. Paris, Milan, NYC, Copenhagen, Tina is everywhere. She also happen to have the most impressive collection of Old Céline we ever have seen.

I would also like to claim Tina to be the master of playing “circular wardrobe”.

I have never seen a person use as many great (and old) pieces in so many ways, without it ever getting boring. I am so fascinated and so inspired. It’s one of the main reasons I find Tina so cool. I think it’s so important to inspire our community to dare to think in that way.

Long-time investments also require good health care (yes for the clothes obv) and even if she uses her pieces year after year, they stay box fresh. I would love (and need) to have a lesson or two from Tina on this topic. Especially when it comes to shoes.

Maybe I should ask her for a zoom meeting. Well, time will tell.

Hi Tina here!

We’re getting into the first week of November and as this is 2020, and Covid-19 still dictates our lives. These is the kind of times where one might fall into what I call the cosy dressing slum, meaning hoodies, leggings and tracksuits.

I decided to challenge myself and start this month by actually putting together “real” looks.

So here we go!


It’s still pretty mild in Sweden so I took the opportunity to be barelegged.

(Or did someone say global???)… 

Cost – Kwaidan Editions
Skirt – Prada
Tank – Sundarbay
Boots and sunglasses – Céline 
Bag – Chanel
Beret – Arket


What’s better than a great suit? Well this suit if you ask me!

It’s from Phoebe Philos last runway collection for Céline back in SS18. There’s not one thing about it I’m not 100% obsessed with! Fantastic investment!

Blazer and pants – Céline
Shirt – Ganni
Bag – Céline
Sunglasses – Céline 
Boots – Gia Couture x Pernille Teisbaek
Gloves – Handsome Stockholm 


Midweek and I think a pop of color is in order!
And who doesn’t love purple and green together??? No I didn’t think so! 


Jacket – NancyBoo. Top – Prada. Pants – Yulia Wave. Shoes and sunglasses – Céline.
Bag – Chanel. Belt – Venczel


This macintosh is one of the best things I every got and in my top 3 favorite pieces I own.

It’s a collaboration Céline did with Macintosh for the Céline AW16 runway collection.

It was love and lust and first sight for me and I’m still as happy about it as when I first got it. And did I tell you it’s rain and wind proofed!

Coat – Céline 
Shoes – Prada 
Bag – Prada 
Sunglasses – Céline 



It’s Friday, best day of the week and why not get your legs out! Sometimes I really love being short, it means I can get away with wearing this Prada sweater vest as a dress.

Coat – Prada
Knit vest – Prada 
Shoes – Prada 
Bag – Louis Vuitton by Sofia Coppola
Bag tag – Susan Szatmary x Bolon 
Sunglasses – Céline


Today I really wanted to just put on a big knit and sneakers BUT I stayed strong and went against my instinct and put on a skirt and blazer!

Good work me!

Blazer – Lesyanebo
Skirt – Prada 
Shoes – Prada 
Tee – Julie Josephine Essentials
Bag – The Row
Sunglasses – Céline 


Sunday is for me the day to recharge, take it easy, drink lots of tea, eat lots of pasta, make popcorn and watch a movie… And I did just that! By the way, do watch Sofia Coppola’s new movie On The Rocks! Very good and it gives you enormous New York cravings!

Blazer – Céline
Shirt – Céline 
Pants – Céline 
Tee – Julie Josephine Essentials
Bag – Lećc Project
Sunglasses – Céline 
Tea cup – Hay 


Published 05/11/2020

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  1. A
    By Alexandra

    Loved this! Tina is such a cool woman. Really admire her sense of style.


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  2. E
    By Em

    Everything she does is amazing 🙂 love her


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  3. L
    By Linda

    Love love her she is so cool and have such a great style ❤️


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  4. A
    By Andie

    Thanks for this! She really stands out on social media and I love that she isn’t a slave to what others are doing. One of my favorites,


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  5. C
    By Christer

    I think Tina is the best. She is so cool and inspiring 🥰


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