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Published 19/11/2020
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A couple of weeks ago I met up with Tina Lundin by accident and as always – we talked much longer than we had time for. As you probably know by now, we have given a re-birth to Hobnob TV with the new concept: closet tours (watch here). And in the end of that conversation, after we went thorough all our common favorite Old Céline-pieces. I asked Tina if she wanted a visit from us.

However, Tina said yes and she also said that we had to ask her über cool friend Lien Ngo. I surfed into her Instagram and totally understood why Tina said so.

Thanks to Tina I know have a new Instagram friend (and crush). I think Lien is really really cool. I think her style is a mix of Tokyo, Paris and Gothenburg. If you never been to Gothenburg, Imagine it as the Swedish Amsterdam. A little less uptight than Stockholm, very casual but still cool. Tokyo and Paris I take for granted that you know. Scroll down and you’ll see what I mean (or maybe not). I am sure you will enjoy it either way.

I here by present to you, a 7 outfit dinner menu, with

Heel Me Now

Also known as Lien Ngo. The coolest cat in Gothenburg.


Monday calls for big cups of coffee. I’m hanging out at one of my favorite cafés, Viktors Kaffe. Gothenburg is such a cozy city during fall but it sure gets cold fast! Layering is key to keep warm and a pair of rubber boots are essential! 

Dress – Acne studios 
Shirt – Céline
Shirt – Prada
Shoes – Bottega Veneta 
Bag – M2Malletier


“I’m an advocate of genderless fashion”


Why should expressing yourself be limited to a certain gender. Art is genderless, music is genderless, we don’t go to a restaurant to choose from a female and a male menu so why does the majority of fashion brands have to have two different collections for us to choose from? Lots of my favorite pieces are from menswear, like this Prada jacket. 

Jacket – Prada
Trousers – Zara 
Shoes – Vetements
Bag – Louis Vuitton
Cap – We11done


Missing my beloved Japan a lot these days or just traveling in general. During my trips I always look for new brands, new styles and ways to create and reinvent myself. These trousers are one of my all time favorite finds from Tokyo. Not only do they make me feel fabulous and confident but they also carry a lot of great memories from that amazing trip. My closet is like an album of memories taken from different times in my life. 

Top – Marsha Reva 
Trousers – Taro Horiuchi 
Shoes – Maison Margiela 
Bag – Gabriela Hearst
Hat – from a hat shop in Seoul 


Speaking of the search for new brands.

This coat is from XV Atelier, a brand from Borås. It’s beautifully crafted and I love the silhouette. The fact that’s it’s made of deadstock fabric makes it even better. 

Coat – XV.Atelier
Blue top – Marimekko
Black top – Junya Watanabe
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – Prada
Hat – Séfr


Fall is the best time to incorporate colorful tights into your outfits! It’s such a great way to elevate any look and it can totally change a whole outfit. 

Blazer – Acne Studios
Tights – Dries van Noten
Shoes – Bottega Veneta
Bag – Louis Vuitton 


Dressed to the nines and nowhere to go? Naw, not me. My motto is to turn my everyday into whatever my mood’s up for and if that is a full-on run-way look while enjoying my usual coffee and croissant at the local coffee spot, then that’s what I’ll wear.

Shirt – Raf Simons
Top – Our legacy 
Dress – Kwaidan editions
Shoes – Marimekko
Beret – Walk of shame


Vintage hunting on Vestiaire collective resulted in this purple dream from Chanel. The only thing missing right now is Hobnob’s cap to go with it!

Shirt – Marine Serre
Skirt – Balenciaga 
Shoes – Maison Margiela
Bag – Chanel  


Published 19/11/2020

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