A Weeks Worth of Outfits With GANTS’s Global Design Director Alina Brane

Published 18/06/2020
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Alina Brane is the Global Design Director for Womenswear at GANT. She likes early mornings, reading and auction shopping. She is also obsessed with collecting floral paintings and vintage shirts, clearly a result of work.

Having the enormous privilege to be able to work from home and staying safe during times like these I feel more grateful than ever of where life has taken me. This spring has been all about finding new ways for creativity to prevail when out of the studio, setting up new work processes together with the team. It has also been a new way of life, where clothing very much symbolises the change in mindset. Make up was obviously the first thing to go and I have a hard time seeing that women will return to that when out of this phase. The second obvious impact is the need for smart comfort. Constant meetings and presentations over the screen requires you to look the part, however the home setting calls for comfortability and ease.


This phase in life calls on all of us to reflect, simplify, edit and sort out what is really important, and I think it will show in both lifestyle change and way of dressing.

Dress, Cecilie Bahnsen dress via Vestiaire Collective


The other week I got told my style is very much the female version of an Italian well dressed man – well, don’t mind me if I claim that statement going forward. I’m nearly obsessed with the perfect shirt tucked in a pair of loose fitted pleated slacks. It’s definitely my go-to look for that smart comfortable WFH ease.

Shirt, Old Dreamy Oxford loose fitted shirt I once designed for GANT Rugger. Washed a millon times and and now soft as silk
Trousers, High waisted pleated pant from Acne Studios in the perfect dark chocolate shade
Belt, Arket
Earrings, Old Celine


Top, Rich purple Rejina Pyo blouse with gatherings
Skirt, Tomato red skirt from Khaite
Shoes, vintage Manolos mules from Vestiaire Collective

So, let’s talk about color. Working for an American Sportswear brand I eat color for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Personally I prefer to mix solids into clean color blocking. The constant source of inspiration has and will always be Raf Simons for Jil Sander.


I’m always a sucker for a beautiful print. This dress, and dresses like it, is what I usually end up wearing hanging around at home. It’s easy and the slightly muted yellow makes me happy.

Dress, Crisp cotton dress from Toteme


Here we go again with the shirt + slack look. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much I love this shirt. I mean the pants are amazing as well, but I mean come on?! Wearing men’s coded garments makes me feel feminine yet powerful, a favorite combination of mine.

Shirt, 60’s Durable Press men’s shirt in neon pink bought vintage during one of our trips to Boston a few years back. One of my most treasured wardrobe pieces
Trousers, High waisted pleated pant by Acne Studios in the most stunning dark aqua tone


As a contrast to all the tailored pieces and oversized shirts I always love a good dress – and here I spare nothing. There is something about putting on one garment and ta-daaa you have an outfit. This is what I pull out when having a social distancing drinks with my friends over Zoom.

Dress, Smocked dotted dress by Reformation

Manolo Blahnik

Cecilie Bahnsen

Cecilie Bahnsen


Manolo Blahnik


Jil Sander



Published 18/06/2020

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