One Week’s Worth of Good Outfits with Klara Björk

Published 28/07/2020
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I started working in fashion as a buyer at Nathalie Schuterman, a multi brand store with high end brands in the heart of Stockholm. Today I am very thankful to have got the opportunity to be a buyer from such a young age. Traveling to all the biggest international brands buying offices have really inspired me and my style through those years.

I can really see how my style has developed a lot when I have been surrounding myself with all those so called “fashionistas”. Its crazy how it actually affects you.

Danish people appeal me a lot right now, I love their playful and casual relationship they have with clothes. The way they combine different patterns and materials with each other it is just so creative and inspiring. That makes me smile everytime I scroll on Instagram, and I think that’s what fashion really is about.

The joy and the connection with each other – I wouldn´t say fashion is an interest or a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.


I bought these shoes as an interior piece, I think they are almost too pretty to wear outside but at the same time they deserve their time to shine. Sometimes I take them for a walk in the park, or why not to work on a regular Monday?

I also love the combination baby blue and green. If you wonder, my second favorite combination is baby blue and red.


When I have nothing to wear I put on my so called fluff or fluffy shoes, in my opinion they make every single outfit look fabulous.

Even on Tuesdays, which is the most boring day of the week. Agree?

Top, Zara
Bag, The Row
Skirt, Theory
Shoes, Del Rio London
Sunglasses, Dior


When I wear this top, people often ask me if it’s made of a plastic bag.

The answer is yes, a very expensive one. Perfect for Wednesday wine.

Pants and Bag, Jacquemus
Top, Ellery
Shoes, Fendi


I don’t know where to start about this outfit. Maybe I would claim it is the perfect summer city look? Dressed, but also a bit of skin. And not too hot. But I also get a french Jacquemus vibe? Maybe that’s the real reason why I love it. Yes Jacquemus is my number 1 favorite designer.

Maybe you can tell?

I actually met Simon a few years ago in Paris when he was his own salesman and I was there to do the buying for the store I was working in by then. Well, time has changed and now it feels like he’s more of a celebrity, or? But yes I am absolutely still a fan.

I have this bag in all three sizes. End of love letter.


Yes, Friday calls for party pants.

Or if you ask me, everyday pants.

Welcome to my ” when I have nothing to wear” part 2. These are actually the ultimate everyday pants. So easy to wear, and sparkles up any grey Swedish day. Yes, we have a lot of these ones. Second best part with them is that they are from my second favourite designer, Saks Potts. But I guess I am not alone about that one either.

(Einstein also loved fluffy shoes as you can see on the picture)

Pants, Saks Potts
Top, Zara Shoes
Bag, Chanel


I love the combination tracksuit and sequins.

Am I about to take a run? Hiking? Or am I just on my way to a dinner party?

Top, Zara
Shorts, Weekday
Bag, Jacquemus
Shoes, Chanel
Sunglasses, Bought on a market


When you can’t decide which bag to choose, take both.

Also great hangover outfit. Right?

Dress, &OtherStories
Bag, Jacquemus
Bag, Goyard

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Published 28/07/2020

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