7 Biggest Trends of Copenhagen Fashion Week

Published 04/02/2020
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One week ago Copenhagen Fashion Week marked the start of Fashion Month for autumn and winter 2020. To me, this season is always more fun to watch than the spring and summer collections. More, heavier garment, more inspiration. That’s how I see it.

This year was a little different however. Not only was it the first time Copenhagen was threw fashion week alone without being followed by Stockholm or Olso, making it the only Scandinavian fashion week. This year also had a theme, which is in fashion week context quite unusual. Copenhagen fashion week stated that this years fashion week would try to be as sustainable as possible. The Danish Fashion Council even has a goal and it is to reduce the climate footprint between the years 2020-2022 with 50% and by 2022 be a zero impact event.

This effort shows in how Copenhagen fashion week get their visitors around by electric busses and cars, have a ban on single use plastics like water bottles and cutleries and dialogue with the brands who show about how they can make their shows as sustainable as possible.

As one can understad, this was a hot topics and the danes are dead serious about it. No other fashion weeks this season has stated to follow the danes example but I’ll bring the popcorn to watch how this develop.

With this said I’d like to pronounce the biggest trend in terms of buzz this season.

Towards sustainability together

Let’s all talk about this with your favorite fashion brand or fashion show producer and make New York, London, Milan and Paris (and all the other independent fashion cities for that matter) follow Copenhagens example.

And I want to be clear on the note that we don’t look at this as a trend like knee high boots is a trend. This is a new direction for the fashion business where everyone needs to be headed.

Counting collars

Ganni AW20

Back to the runway!

Ganni AW20

I have given you all the details about the oversized collars here already.

According to both Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen and all the visitors at CPHFW, the collars will be just as huge this fall.

The Danes won’t leave their leopards

Ganni AW20
Baum und Pferdgarten AW20

Since the start of Ganni, leopard has been a favorite pattern of The Danes. Leo has a both well deserved and not so well deserved reputation to take your look somewhere between I was a groupie in the 80’s and I am 80.

This is about to change though. Here are three examples of how to make Leo work for you.

Stand AW20

Wearable outerwear that you actually want to wear

Cecilie Bahnsen AW20
Rains AW20

Being a Scandinavian myself I know that we know what it takes to dress both warm, dry and if I may say so myself, cool. This is not because we all love to hike, but because getting to work, grocery shop and hang out with friends literary is a freaking hike 6 months of the year.

Therefore, I trust and love when brands take outdoor attire seriously. It makes those 6 months a bit easier.

Also, could you turn it into a hat?

Baum und Pferdgarten AW20

Helmstedt AW20

I have already brought up the matching boots and trousers trend of the AW20 collections, so I will leave that part out. But seems like quite the few brands had fabric over and made som hats of the leftovers.

I do not hate that.

Writing big checks

Rotate AW20
Baum und Pferdgarten AW20

Big checks are the new stripes! Your style icon next fall? The French picnic blanket.

Stand AW20

All dressed

in leather

Stand AW20

This was seriously the least surprising trend of the week. Leather for fall? Not really groundbreaking.

My mother-in-law asked me when I got home this Friday (dressed in a leather shirt) why everyone visiting the shows of CPHFW wore leather and I had to think about it. Of course some trends go more viral than others, but looking at the street style of Copenhagen this year, leather seems to be the greatest material ever invented after denim.

But then I quickly realized. Leather, just like denim, has a very special way of making you feel cool, right? And when you look cool you feel cool. Not really rocket science to see why everyone is craving leather.

Remain AW20
By Malene Birger AW20
Published 04/02/2020

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