7 Alpine Hotels To Visit This Winter

Published 29/12/2021
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It was believed many years ago that the mountain air had some truly magical health benefits. And although fresh breaths can’t cure the pandemic nor the assholes of the world, getting up there, letting your eyes wonder over snow clothed rocky mountain tops sure can make you forget they both exist for a little while. Full inboxes and city troubles goes away the same second you put your chic overall butt on the ski lift and I promise you your head will enter a more mindful place right away (where you should enjoy wine lunch for example).

So, the only question is, where to next? Well, I have a couple of suggestions.

Le Coucou, Méribel

At Le Coucou, in Méribel, France you ski in and ski out in a five star way. The hotel basically screams old movie star quality and the views don’t exactly hurt your eyes except with breathtaking beauty. Did I mention I am crushing over this hotel like it was the boy next to me in third grade?

Ski Lodge Engelberg, Engelberg

Ski Lodge Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland also known as Mekka to everyone who’s dreams are made out of fluffy white snow clouds. The Ski Lodge is the hot spot for the already inaugurated skiers and the ones hoping to catch up.

The Alpina, Gstaad

The Aplina in Gstaad, Switzerland is too a five star hotel with everything you need to really forget about your troubles at home. Spa as après-ski is really the best way to relax after a tough day on the slope (or in the bar, I don’t know what you do when you vacation and I am not here to judge).

Aman Le Mélézin, Courchevel

Aman Le Mélézin in Courchevel, France could starr in the sequel to Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson, don’t you think? Courchevel is said to be one of the most beautiful places to ski in all of France and that says a lot.

Suvretta House, St Moritz

Suvretta House in St Moritz, Switzerland is a true alpine institution in one of the earliest luxury ski resorts in Europe. Before the town became a destination for skiing for the rich and famous it was world center of tobogganing or as it was called when invented, skeleton where the sport was invented back in the 1800s. The sport is you ride a bob sled head front in an ice and snow course for 1 214 meters. Of course, you can go to St Moritz and not sign up for the Cresta Run. Although they do have their own drink which is a sister to the Bloody Mary where you switch the tomato juice for beef broth. Don’t worry there is still vodka in it and I bet it taste better after you’ve had a few.

Back to the Survetta House, they do have their own mountain restaurants too Chasellas and Trutz, which is said to be just as good as the hotel.

The Cresta Run
The bar at Cresta Run, not making the traditional drink but something easier to get your head around, a dirty martini.

Åregården, Åre

Åregården in Åre, Sweden is the eldest hotel, founded in 1895, in the ski town that lets Sweden be a pin on the alpine map. Don’t let the but 1 420 meter high mountain fool you though, Åre is equipped with both long runs and great restaurant and the town knows all about throwing a good party. At Åregården you get old Swedish alpine traditions and if you go, don’t forget to visit the hotels own wine bar which combines the best of the alps and Sweden.

Four Seasons, Megève

Four Seasons in Megève, France is everything you ever needed in a Chalet. Of course, nothing less to expect when booking a Four Seasons hotel in a ski town like Megève.

Published 29/12/2021

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