Six AW20 Trends You Can Do at Home. Today.

Published 09/02/2020
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Why wait all the way to end of June to get the styles you are craving now?? I chose six of my favorite AW20 looks from Copenhagen fashion week and copied them all from my existing closet.

Yes, its true. And it wasn’t even that difficult.

Holzweiler AW20

Knit (actually a knitted dress), Bikbok
Suit, Vintage
Heels, Old Céline

The suit with a layering turtleneck?

Well I didn’t have a chunky knit I wanted to sacrifice to cut off, but I had a very oversize one to wrap at least two rounds around the shoulders. Almost even better??? So I chose one of my a bit oversized vintage suits, my laced heels (sometimes, for some reason, I need to feel taller when wearing a suit) and the very oversized knit. Easy peasy!!

Cecilie Bahnsen AW20

The ultimate scanidavian look

Puffy dress

Rain coat

Socs + sandals

Have you ever seen a more appropriate Swedish summer look?? No? Neither have I. Unfortunately we have decided to not celebrate midsummer in Sweden this summer, otherwise my outfit would have been set. Just changing the boots to socks and sandals, or more likely wellies.

Raincoat, Sutterheim
Sweater, H&M
Skirt, Jacquemus
Boots, Zara

The full leather look

Remain Birger Christensen AW20

This trend isn’t directly breaking news, but we will bring it into this fall aswell. And Remain Birger Christensen made me craving it more than ever… Especially a heavier leather coat in either white or cognac brown. Any recommendations??? My mom got this Loewe dream on 70% last week.

Jealous? Yes.

Leather pants + dress, H&M
Coat, Loewe
Shoes, Old Céline

Speaking of Leather

No one missed the great Ganni AW20 show right??? The big collars continuing to have another great year! Also the leather Bermudas. So I just had to make my own twist of this GREAT look. And I think it turned out GREAT aswell. Don’t you think??

Then I realized I am living in Sweden and have to wait another 4 months before we can embrace this look for real.

Shorts + belt, Arket
Shirt, Üterque
Boots, Zara
Collar (a blouse), Dolce&Gabbana

Can’t wait? Just add a pair of white or black stockings and you are ready to go.

Ganni AW20

Body suit with a touch of dress

Baum und Pfergarten AW20

This will be my go-to-party-look all spring.

I saw this Nike x Marine Serre bodysuit on my forever style crush Pernille Rosenkilde and thought “God, I have to have that one. Even if I’ll probably never wear it”. But oh how wrong I was! This is the best and most comfortable piece of clothing ever (except during toilet visits). And this is for sure my new party outfit this spring! Do you remember I wore it for the ELLE Awards a couple of weeks ago? People looked at me as I was from outer space. I loved it.

See the look here.

Bodysuit, Nike x Marine Serre
Skirt + Top, Baum und Pfergarten
Boots, Celiné

Never not matching your hat with an other part of your outfit

Saving the best one for last.

How I love this concept. And Baum und Pfergarten showed us that this is what AW20 is all about. I will buy so many hats and boots in matching pattern, how amazing to have a full suit with matching boots and hat???

A true dream for me. And it will come true in end of June.

I. Can’t. wait.

One of my favorite brands, La Veste, already went for this winning concept. And when I found these pants and this hat last summer in Paris, it has since then been one of my go-to-looks. And can you believe in a couple of months it’s coming more. Mmmmm.

Hat + pants, La Veste
Sweater, Loewe

AW20 I am looking forward to your arrival. Please come asap. Now, a cup of SS20.

Published 09/02/2020

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