5 Things to do When in Quarantine

Published 19/03/2020
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It’s about time to self care a lot more, you can’t say you don’t have the time anymore. Remember that you deserve as much care and affection as all the people that are important to you. Get yourself a face mask, take a warm bath/shower and paint your nails. It’s YOU time!!

Yoga/ Meditate

Okay, so first of all – I know it can be a big difference between yoga and meditation. But while you’re doing one I think it’s a great time to do both. I prefer the yoga session first followed by 30 minutes of LOA meditation. Yes, it’s a thing!! You meditate to attract the energies and scenarios you want in life. It really gives you a mood boost.

Also, now when people are starting to stay home (as one should as much as possible), there are a lot of yoga instructors that do live yoga classes for people to join on Instagram. You should definitely try it out!!


Now is the time to learn something new or dive in to something that you’ve been wanting to become more involved with. I’m of course talking about reading!! The first three books on my list are: 12 rules for life by Jordan B. Petersson, the Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer and last but not least – The hard thing About Hard things by Ben Horowitz. Maybe I’ll re-read the Power of Now with Eckhart Tolle as well!! Truly recommend it. Let me know if you have any recommendations??


Paint, write, make music or something else that really makes you inspired. When nothing else stands in the way, take the time to get to know yourself and create something that makes you happy. Practice makes perfect!!

Or what about: doing absolutely nothing???

Yes, you read that right!!

Published 19/03/2020

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