5 things to do on the internet rn

Listed below are five things more therapeutic than dog videos on Youtube. Well, I mean, at least close to.

Published 07/07/2019
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Shop: Repeller!

Man Repeller just launched their own accessories brand: Repeller. And as Leandra puts it “Repeller is an experimental extension of Man Repeller in the form of cheerful accessories that are about self-discovery”. There is a scarf called sir Scarf-a-lot, sunglasses called unibrow, earrings in the shape of tomatoes and my personal favorite: the barrettes aka. flagpoles. Also, the website is more of an *experience* than a shop, so don’t miss out.

Watch: The Office

I just started re-watching the American version of The Office on Amazon Prime. “I just started” means I took it up like three months ago, and I’m still at it. Day and night. There is no greater therapy than televised comedy shows, I am telling you.


This account gives me life.

Listen to: The Subtle Art of Not
Giving a Fuck

If you are looking for LIFE-CHANGING experiences, listening to this e-book by Mark Manson is truly revolutionizing. Obviously, it is also possible to consume this book the old school way, by reading it but you know, this list is limited to cyber space, so. There’s so much *knowledge* in this glorious text, you don’t even know. It punches you in the face while at the same time giving you a big hug. You can not not listen to it. GO DO IT, DO IT NOW!!!

Read: This story by Adam Sternbergh for The Cut

I am slightly obsessed with the concept of happiness. How does one attain it? What even is it? Since the title of this text was “Read This Story and Get Happier – The most popular course at Yale teaches how to be happy. We took it for you.” it was literally impossible for me not to read it. And I did not regret it.

Published 07/07/2019

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