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Every week we have a call to update you on our favorite things to do in cyber rn. Here’s five things you shouldn’t miss out on and/or just things to keep you company this July week.

So much more than perfumes

 Byredo, the fragrance house known for their powerful unisex scentes, has ever since the start 2006 been branding geniuses. A few seasons back Byredo proved to all that one can do anything with the right packaging and extended the product range with a bag collection. Now they strike again by creating eyewear. Starting by launching three styles, all genderless of course. Our favorite? The Bohemian

Image courtesy of Vetements
Image courtesy of Vetements

Vetements LAN Party

Want to hear something super weird?

Vetements has been a big question mark since the beginning, but at the same time one large exclamation point. Praised and hated. And their new campaign confuse us even more. How about a LAN PARTY for their Fall Winter 2020 editorial campaign? Remember LAN? I am having trouble with the word lan and party in the same sentence since it’s nothing like a party, but more group of teenagers (?) sitter with their computers together, eating microwave pizza and drinking coke. Am I being judgy? Please Correct me.


Being more of a winter sports kind of human I never thought I’d get inspired by tennis (I do appreciate tennis shirts though??). Even less by the events going on around tennis. But how good is this look??? Tessa Thompson  wearing Ralph Lauren. I am going to watch tennis weekend in Swedish Båstad and let’s just say I AM TAKING NOTES. 

Image via Vogue.

Hobnob People

Insta copy + paste

I am a no make up girl during summer. I just can’t put something in my face that will be on my neck after 10 minutes due to heavy sweating. So, I go all in on manicure. And I am gonna do a copy + paste on this thing I saved on instagram earlier this week.

Via Natalie MckEough

Published 15/07/2019

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