5 hero pieces I’ve bought vintage and always bring on vacation

We all know it’s only the favorites who gets to come along on vacation. You don’t bring just anyone on vacay.

Published 01/08/2019
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It’s a funny (and sometimes terrifying) thing, looking over your shopping behavior. It says so much about me, and I am sure a lot of you too. If I am feeling down, insecure, happy or stressed. The first two moods are most common to fuck up my flow. The third might not be as good as one would think and the fourth gets me absolutely nowhere. I save a lot of money when I am stressed I can tell you.

I make my best purchases when I don’t look for anything. You know those times when you have some extra minutes and visit a boutique and all of a sudden you meet the love of your life (I must be dramatic about this) hanging on a rail. Love happens when you least expect it, I find that to be one of the clichés in life that are actually true. That’s how I met boy boyfriend and that’s how I’ve made most of my best purchases. My boyfriend I found in a club one night when I supported my best friend through one of the worst wine and hotshot binges ever. He just stood there and I knew 5 minutes into our conversation that he was a catch. The same thing happens to me with clothes. I see them, try them on, and the second I button the buttons or zip the zipper, I know.

It’s a catch.

Then of course, real life steers what happens next. Weather, trips, my menstrual cycle. I think it takes a few dates to discover if that piece isn’t just a catch, but the one.

The 80s YSL Dress

Sunglasses, Chimi
Shoes, vintage (would put these ones on the list too but they are new)

“Weather, trips and my menstrual cycle are factors that decides if a catch is just a catch or the one”

Oh Boy is this a good one.

I found this hanging behind the cashier in my local salvation army shop. I knew I had to have it. But I was really, post summer madness broke. There was no way I’d put out a 100€ there and then. I was just going for coffee (I don’t know why but THAT happens to be a lot).

But my mother-in-law who was with me at the time (we drink coffee together a couple of mornings a week yes) told me I’d regret it if I didn’t try it on and so I had to because I try to live my life as regretless as possible.

Also, I wasn’t very difficult to persuade. I rarely am when it comes to 80s designer dresses.

Not only is this dress like a beach party, but the cut and the wide shoulder makes you feel one thing above others: powerful. And cool, always cool.

Let’s just say that I got it and have not missed that money ever since.

Tank, Jeanerica
Bag, ATP Atelier (yes we will talk more about this one sooooooon)

The Bermuda shorts

It would be a lie to say that Bermuda shorts were always cool. They weren’t. But they are having a moment right now and are too flattering to say no to. I like them hi-rise and wide in a fabric that doesn’t hug my thighs in a very awkward way each step I take.

I found these this winter. Not really the time to be shopping for shorts you may think. And you are right. But the best finds one makes vintage is rarely in season. That’s one of the best advise I can give you when vintage and second hand shopping, shop out of season.

So, these shorts I’ve been wearing more times than some of my underwear. They go with everything, also I could wear them to any occasion. The beach? No problemas. To a party? Let me just bring my strappy heels and going-out top.

“Love happens when you least expect it, I find that to be one of the clichés in life that are actually true”

The short sleeve shirt

All of you who appreciate Hobnob knows about our one outfit for 50€ challenge earlier this summer. That was good times.

And I said it then and I say it now. I love short sleeve shirts, they are the blazers of summer. And the best one is not hanging on your local high street store or at Prada (sorry Prada) but in thrift shops and vintage boutiques. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

This one, approximately from the 50s and may or may not have been uniform of a 15 y/o ice cream seller, is my favorite. It cost me about 8€ and let’s just say cost per use is less than an ice cream by now.

Sunglasses, Chimi
Bikini top, Nelly
Short, Stine Goya

Every (??) woman’s dream purchase: The Chanel Bag

This may or may not be true. I have not taken part in any survey about this. And make this statement only on true life events.

I’ve dreamt about finding the perfect (or just any really) Chanel bag in a vintage shop for ages. Most girls my age dreamed about a new bike and becoming a dolphin trainer. I dreamt about a vintage Chanel and becoming a musical artist. This is alternative facts but helps to prove a point, doesn’t it? And at least the part of musical artist is true.

This winter, me and Linn was in a vintage store where the shopkeeper is a true enthusiast. Why is it that vintage shopkeepers so commonly are? And she told me a lot of women had been in and wanting to get it, but she had to go to Chanel and make sure all stamps where real. I said that if they were, she’s had to call me. And she said, no, if I wanted it, I had to call her next week and remind her to go to Chanel with the bag first. Let’s just say I did call her. Next time I was in I bought it, after hearing her life story and when she gave me the receipt she said now go out and show it the world. So it’s kind of my life mission now.

The shirt of shirts

Now this one is a given, but tolerated to be repeated. One can never find as good shirts as one can do vintage. The colors, the materials and most of all the price point. It gets me wondering why people buy new stuff at all?

I am not really a climate hero, but one thing I can do is buying vintage instead of new and preaching to you about it. And so I will.

Also, this shirt couldn’t possibly be bought new bc no one would dare to make this really special (I say special but thinking weird) color combination. Purple, orange and bright ocean green. So good. So many questions.

Skirt, Marni
Sunglasses, Chimi
Flip-flops, Havaianas

Published 01/08/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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