5 looks I will wear for my entire summer (and life)

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Beginning of July, Swedish summer at its best. Nature is blooming, I spend all my time with my family, kissing my bf as there is no tomorrow and trying to stay away as far as from my phone I possibly can.

I would say it goes pretty good actually.

The first weeks of summer have been amazing in Sweden, 28 degrees and I had more Aperol Spritz than water for a couple of days. I think. Well, that changed of course and the 16 degrees and rain is back.

But who cares?? Summer is always summer.

And what I love about seasons changes, is how I am adjusting my wardrobe after it. This year I kept all my summer clothes in our summer house, so when I came here in the beginning of May, for the first time this year, I was sooo happy to see lots of pieces I haven’t seen in a long while. It was like meeting a friend who been abroad all winter and you finally met again!! An amazing feeling.

Thats one trick I have to give my wardrobe a longer life, to sort it (or at least try, some pieces have to be alive all year around) season wise.

But this summer I have already found five favorite go-to looks and I will here by serve you them one by one.

Very nap appropriate outfit

Aren’t those the most important outfits of the summer? Right?

I would definitely say so. I have had a pretty rough and long spring this year so this years summer vacation is all about recovery and regain all that energy that was lost on the way here. And in the middle of all that I bought this Khaite dress on sale (love sale), to get some material love, and found it to be the ultimate dress for any occasion. For naps on rapsmarks, perfect midsummer outfit, as a top with jeans or just whenever I want to feel a bit extra nice.

Yes. I love this dress very much.

No pants are the new pants

Stockings, blazer and grandpa sandals is a great combo I can promise you. Especially during these times when weather can shift from an hour to another. At least if you are in Sweden. Also when you don’t want to wear too heavy fabrics, this a great combo I can promise you.

Blazer, La Veste
Stockings, Gucci
Bag, Heimat Atlantica

And speaking of blazers.

As you know I am already a sucker for pattern mixing, and this blazer is the ultimate example in this topic. La Veste does the most magical blazers in this world, you have to check them out if you haven’t yet.

The green suit

When not wearing funny stockings, I think an oversized suit with cropped pants is my next winning option. Or well, I have realized that now. The rest of the year I have been more for the oversized suits but when I got this suit this spring I got a new love for cropped pants. And not to speak about the mint green color (!!). It’s so beautiful I barley can’t take my eyes of it.

I think my summer wardrobe rn contains 85% of dresses, and the rest 15% I guess is some big collar blouses and weird pants. So a suit is a well needed new family member indeed.

Suit, Acne Studios
Earrings, Céline

The strawberry dress

Dress, Helmstedt
Hat, Market find

Aside from the Khaite dress here above, I think this strawberry creation aka. Emelie Helmstedt dress, is the best purchase I have done since I bought my hourglass blazer from Balenciaga (read about it here) and that’s a hard competition I would say. But this dress is like a summer cake, dress and picnic blanket all in one piece. I just had to get it. The only negative thing is that it is quilted and, well, for 25 degrees weather it can be slightly warm. But whatever, I wear it anyway. It’s worth all sweat drops in the world.

The boiler suit

I got this linen boiler suit waaaaay to big but I couldn’t resist it. It was just too good to leave it there all alone in the store. And its mens size so it means it is straight and oversize.

Just the way I like it.

I have always loved boiler suits, as you maybe know if you have read this article, and this is now my summer version. A bit impractical to wear boiler suit with a waist belt, not very toilet appropriate, which you always get reminded of when you are standing there in the 20m long cue and you are about to pee your pants. But until then it is always a great idea, right?

Boiler suit, Arket
Waist belt, Loewe
Blouse, Ganni
Slippers, Bottega Veneta

In the mood for some more inspiration?

Published 04/07/2020

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